I have not used a traditional much for wood carving (have done some long sessions with knives that were really not suited for it!). I think key will be how the knife fits your hand, and how the other blades lie when closed. GEC also makes a three blade whittler, which looks great, but it does not have a warnclif blade. Four blade congress is my favorite for whittling (with four different blade profiles as opposed to two redundant pair). I like a queen whitler in D2, but I bought my daughter (8) a Med case stockman (with a pen blade) to use when we go camping. I use a Mora (yeah i know he said folder) to start and a Peanut to finish (Note that I don't do greatly detailed whittling or anything).
I used just the #25 Sheepsfoot Jack in the picture to whittle my first (and only) ball-in-cage you see here.
Thank you to all of our speakers and instructors who were a part of our Family Sundays program this fall.
Local Lacombe teacher and fiddler, Laurie Maetche, will entertain with a variety of fiddling styles including Scottish, Quebecois, and Métis.

The dream catcher is of Ojibwe origin and is thought to only let positive dreams pass through to the sleeper.
First Nation Elder Bertha Poor and her grand daughter Jennifer Poor will share their traditional knowledge and help you create this craft. The natural remedies held by respected members in differentIncluded with admission + supply fee. Attend Remembrance Day Ceremonies in your community, then come to the MAG to hear Major Jason Snider speak about his time served in Afghanistan. Two voyageurs, French and English, with the help of David Thompson tell the story of this explorer, mapmaker and fur trader. I don't like congress or whittler patterns very much but would function very well solely as a whittling knife. The Wharncliffe and the small Clip are a great blade combination, and they are ground nice and thin. If you keep your eyes open occasionally one will pop up on the auction site, or even here on BF though. Peter will show you some of what First Nations, then the Courier de bois, and Voyageurs used to survive on in the woods.

Jason, from the 20th Field Regiment of the 78th Field Battery in Red Deer, served an eight-month tour of duty with the Canadian Forces in Afghanistan from February to September in 2008. Enjoy the animated stories of explorer David  Thompson and other famous characters told through theatre and music. If you have ever spend a week or more whittling a hickory pick handle down to fit a socket, with nothing more than a pocket knife, you know about blisters and sore thumbs! I found the small pen blade to be pretty useful, especially in the final shaping of the ball. Myrna Pearman, educator and conservationist, will share some highlights of the 2012 beaver activity.

Basic woodworking tools for beginners
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