Once turned, we can offer an array of secondary operations including sanding, drilling holes, installing hardware and hanger bolts, assembly and packaging as needed. WelcomeYour place to find handcrafted wooden creations that include gift items such as Game Boards, Jewelry Boxes, Pen and Pencil Sets, Wooden Cups, and Fine Furniture. Just wanted to tell you I love the pen and the more I use it the patina in the wood is beautiful.

Art of Wood TurningWe are specialists in the art of Wood Turning - a true art form - are you familiar with this incredible art form? Purchased a Christmas present for a family member. Will be recommending  Aardvark Wood Working to family and friends.
The Stars and Stripes pen I ordered for Dales birthday is even better in hand than the photo.

Contact one of our experienced staff members today, to put together the best solution for your requirements.

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