It does it's purpose ok though, just really disappointed mine didn't have the pegs, that's why I ordered it! Thursday morning I had a baby, but Wednesday night I was at Home Depot, buying shelf brackets for this project. Disclaimer: I have no idea how long we actually spent making these shelves, because when you have a brand new baby you get interrupted every three minutes. It is right on with price, though, per shelf: we already had the wood and stain, and the brackets were $6 each, so $12 a shelf! Next we measured the space where we wanted the shelves and decided on 28″ for the length. After the enthusiastic distressing (which consisted of just banging assorted hammers, screwdrivers, etc into the wood), Dave gave everything a quick sanding with the power sander. Then we brushed on the stain (Minwax’s dark walnut, leftover from the whale) and let it dry overnight.
We bought two different sets of brackets, because we weren’t sure which ones would fit.
The ones we used are really not dramatically different; I just thought the too big ones looked a little more rustic.
This is the desk, by the way (I have a few more little things to do in their room, and then I need to take updated pictures of it). Fresh from the editorial minds of Dot & Bo, the Design District blog offers up even more design inspiration and decorating advice.
However when I opened the box it did not come with pegs at all (it didn't even have hole-marks to indicate maybe you putting them in yourself).

But I think, in theory, with no baby, one could conceivably finish at least one of these shelves with something like 15-20 minutes of hands on time. I had wanted to use the wood from the old stairs we tore down, but that wood had been out in the weather and was soaking wet, so what we wound up using is actually brand new wood, leftover from the new stairs.
Incidentally, you could also buy the super cheap (under $2 each) brackets to make this a really low cost project. I would have been impressed at this accomplishment even without the baby (congrats, by the way:)! Keep your knickknacks and collections up high for all to see with Versailles, 36" pine wood shelf. Couldn't buy just the materials to build a simple shelf, that looked anywhere near as nice as this one, for the price. I ordered them for the dining room 1st and liked them so much I ordered more for the bedroom in a different finish.
To create this innovative and exciting design, Amy has used blocks of over 20 types of wood, found in a London timber importers waste bin and cotton rope. The Wire Cubbies and Wood Shelf come with bag and coat hooks and plenty of storage space for books, bags, and everything else that comes into the home with your arrival. It was somewhat difficult to stain as the stain soaked in a lot more in some places than others. But THEN because I am so awesome Dave was home to do pretty much everything while I held the baby, I did BOTH! Picture a sea of legos, paper, a wallet that Milo claimed was irretrievably lost just last night, raccoon skulls, etc.

Warning: if you let your three boys distress your wood for you, it might wind up REALLY distressed. It has a handcrafted, woodworker's style with scrolling brackets, plate groove and curtain rod. They can be used with the plate rail up or down and the rods are optional: the supporting brackets look good without the rods, too. Using off-cuts of wood, Amy makes the most of what others might ignore or throw out, demonstrating an eco-conscience without losing her savvy. Also, I would suggest adding additional nails to keep it together, the wall brackets were half way off when I received it.
Use of this site is subject to certain Terms Of Use.Local store prices may vary from those displayed. I was kind of worried when I saw just how distressed our poor boards looked when they were finished, but once the stain was on it looked okay again.
I thought it would be a good idea to have a designated display space for some of that crap, and Milo and Gus were very pleased about that idea.
Dave got so carried away with the distressing that he forgot to take pictures of the kids doing it (I was upstairs, shielding the baby from all the chaos).
Using a knot traditionally used for sailing and fishing you can pull the strings and the shelf will disassemble.

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