Dave's Wood Goods specializes in building handcrafted wood items from select ¾ inch solid red oak wood. See the general description of each item below, or click the appropriate tab at the top of this page to view details and order each product. Each wood shelf is meticulously inspected during all phases of construction in order to guarantee a high degree of quality and craftsmanship. These shelf units can be used for displaying items such as: plates, coffee cups or mugs, pictures, knick knacks, antiques, art work, craft items, trophies, models, beer steins, and more. Feel free to browse our selection of handmade decorative wall mounted shelves, and contact us if you have any questions.
These stylish oak wood pens and mechanical pencils make a wonderful gift for friends or family. Do not copy or distribute without express written permission.Website Design and Search Engine Optimization by EdensWorks, Inc. Use table & radial arm saws to cut lumber to proper widths & lengths for parts (A), (F), (G), (H), (I) & (J).
Use power miter saw to cut the side cove moldings (C) to 45 degrees for the front corners and 90 degrees on the other ends so they will fit flush to the wall.
Use a power miter saw to cut both ends of the front cove molding (B) to 45 degrees and then glue and nail into position.
Use a power miter saw to cut the side crown moldings (E) to 45 degrees for the front corners and 90 degrees on the other ends so they will fit flush to the wall.
Use a power miter saw to cut both ends of the front crown molding (D) to 45 degrees and then glue and nail to front nailer (H) and side crown moldings (E). If stain is desired, apply with a brush and allow to penetrate 5-10 minutes and then remove excess with a clean rag. Wood fireplace mantel shelf design and finish changes can be made to fit your personal needs and preferences. Mantel dimension changes may be required to fit the size of your fire place and firebox opening.

A reader sent us this image above via facebook and I just had to find the original source article.
Rummaging through this pile of old organ pipes, I was able to find many character-filled pieces or old wood.
I contemplated making our own corbels when I came across a really neat photo of a rustic wooden corbel shelf on pinterest.
For a tight bond, press the pieces together then pull apart a few times–this will help distribute the glue. After attaching the rod to the insides of the corbels, I used a few metal hooks to hang the dustpan and broom. Would you like to try this project? Download my FREE printable easy DIY shelf bracket wood corbel pattern! All wall mounted shelves have pre-drilled holes or keyhole slots for easy installation in your home or office. Shaker style pegs are used with the coat racks, however if you want mug pegs just send me an email. A custom made shelf mantle will adorn your fireplace and help achieve that special focal point of interest in your home.
To be sure you are complying with the code, it is suggested that you check with your local Building & Safety Department. I’ve already repurposed an old board that had been labeled with organ stops into a DIY Craft Jar Herbs Kitchen Planter. My husband suggested that wooden corbels would make excellent shelf brackets aesthetically and functionally.
For my corbels, I decided to use 3 boards for each–two of a slightly smaller shape and one larger shape to sit in between. We’ll need to cut a notch in the corbels so that they will sit flush against the wall.
We drilled two holes into the front of the corbels that will allow the screws to be recessed inside of the corbel.

I dry-brushed some acrylic paint onto the corbel then wiped with a rag for a light, rustic look. We happened to have an old closet rod in the shed that will fit perfectly between the wood corbels. Not only do the easy DIY shelf brackets & wood shelf add character to the space, but they provide a great place to keep cleaning supplies. In my spare time, I love to create something new from something old, embark on home decorating and renovation projects, try out new recipes, and attempt to garden. Both pens and pencils use high quality components with 24kt gold plating on the exposed metal parts. I was disappointed with the selection at the home improvement store and my online searches didn’t yield any promising results either. Using this as I guide, I decided to create my own easy DIY Shelf Brackets using some old, reclaimed wood that we have on hand. All the wood used was reclaimed, the closet rod was repurposed, and all other supplies were already on hand. Therefore, any variation in color is caused by the wood itself and not by the finishing process.
The country style uses a straight backplate design while the modern and small styles use a wavy backplate pattern. There are currently 3 styles available (Slimline, Designer and Cigar) as shown in the adjacent picture. Even the novice woodworker can achieve a sense of accomplishment and have great success with this project. Many sizes and shapes of moldings are available so that one can easily vary the design of the fireplace mantle shelf to create the look you want.

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