You need take apart old fax machine, I don't have any photo of it before tear-down.mine have 2 stepper motors 1 that move printer head, other move paper. In this instructable we will be designing and making a small, practical, and low cost drafting table. In this tutorial I am going to beshowing you a method that I have found works really well for carving wave relief patterns into plywood.What is a wave relief pattern and why would I want one? Instructions on different ways to create and handle digital content to create a physical object through cnc.
Build your own high-current 3-axis stepper motor controller board for your DIY robot, DIY mill or mill conversion, DIY router or anything else that needs to move.
Build your own high-current 4-axis stepper motor controller board for your DIY robot, DIY mill or mill conversion, DIY router or anything else that needs to move. Gator skin is a parametric design done in grasshopper to imitate the skin of an alligator for the proposal of a facade of a building during schematic design stage, the location of the building is in Miami Florida.
I have created the Snake cube.What you need ismild steel, Drilling, milling 27 Creating a Cube 1. If you are an enthusiast photographer, you probably havetried couple of lightning techniques before.
Just because you have the best, most expensive state of the art tools doesn't make you rockstar. This Instructable is for Workshop Users at Pier 9.Requirements for using the CNC machines at Pier 9Take General Workshop Safety Class. Already for a few months or even years, I was planning to build my own CNC milling machine. Materials come together all around us; on the furniture we sit in, in the products we use, and within the spaces we inhabit - interacting by way of joints, overlaps, reveals and so forth. I have been building sculpture for over ten years and I have observed the evolution of machining technology go from hand-tools to power tools and CNC milling to 3D desktop object printing.
Typically, CNC programmed toolpathing is aimed at removing material in the quickest or most efficient manner - aspects which are essential when trying to streamline workflow and produce parts for production. This instructable is on how to use the 4th axis wrapping function in the fusion 360 post processor for Mach3This includes a guide to setting the parameters and how use them included are two video's first one is setting the parameters. Cut the enclosed c-shape from plywood to reinforce the edge of a torn out socket hole in a cavity wall.

CO2 Laser Water ChillerCO2 Laser tubes are cooled by running or pumping water through the tube. For some time I wanted to build a remote switch, main purpose – for firework ignition (or similar tasks). Hello everyone,the main idea of this project is when i hit the motorcycle brake lever the led lights on the helmet or jacket light up making the rider more visible and hence safer on the streets.I didnt want the wires all dangling from the bike to the helmet so i made a wireless module. Always wanted to be like the funny Skull-Kid gone crazy (because of an evil Mask it loves to wear) from The Legend of Zelda - Majora's Mask?Well, good for you, because I did. Well, I've been a serious instructables lurker for a while now, but my lack of tools and space has kept me from being able to really tackle any of the major woodworking projects floating around in my brain. How to make a mini USB VACUUM CLEANER part 1How to make a mini USB vacuum cleaner part 2 To do a mini USB vacuum cleaner you need!!!
When I was very young, I think I was at a family reunion, I ate shepherd' pie for the first time, and it was soon good! This Instructable will take you through the steps of making and applying a true shellac finish from flakes (not the stuff in the spray can or jar that you'll find at the hardware store, although the same steps may apply). I have wanted a pair of wooden sunglasses for a while now but haven't been able to justify the fairly exorbitant price tag associated with them.
This instructable briefly describes the acquisition of an LED light engine and the conversion of a ball and socket swivel mount that allows you to carefully aim the light engine in almost any direction.Building a Light Engine Swivel Mount by.
This awesome looking live edge coffee table is made using a slab of wood and some flat bar steel which I bent into shape, so no welding involved. Hi, in this instructable I'm going to show you how I made mushroom fairy houses out of cute little jars.
An Arduino Nano based Spot Welder for battery welding This Spot Welder can be used to weld 18650 batteries.
This instructable is for a Voxelized Rainbow Dash you can make your own from perler beads, hama beads, nabbi beads, or any type of melty beads (Preferably I use Perler).
Whether you use it at a romantic dinner, as a wedding centrepiece or as a classy halloween piece.This is the perfect instructable to add class to simple cheap decoration.
A buddy of mine mention he was trying to buy some Magicite stones for display but could not find them anywhere.
I've been fascinated by Gregg Fleishman's CNC chairs for years: such a clever idea, to carve from a single sheet of plywood a fully functional chair, with effective cushioning and back support, not to mention tremendous style.

It's a mixture of Wax and Plastic (polyethelene I think) and is much harder, has a higher melting point and is much more stable than regular wax.
Other sets with x-crossing pieces are probably compatible, but I choose to make an x-crossing piece myself.
One of the most common tools that product photographers use is the photography tent which we will make in this project. And just because you don't have access to the most expensive state of the art tools doesn't mean you can't be a rockstar. It is a wood case (8mm ply wood) with wood joints for a Raspberry Pi equipped with an Protoneer CNC shield (arduino nano, power supply, stepper drivers). This tutorial assumes a basic understanding of the ShopBot and the design is ready to cut (i.e. I decided a light would be a good platform for this.The design I came up with was for an uplighter which features colour and brightness adjustment. It is not just the tractor beam that can be seen in science fiction movies but the effect and still interesting. This is my first Instructable.I've grown tired of listening to the radio in my workshop and, as a gearhead, I figured I'd build a relatively portable boom box using an automotive head unit and speakers. The lift uses Makerslide, Shapeoko V1 End Plates, an Arduino Uno, a 425oz stepper and a 4.5A Stepper Driver. I read a lot about other DIY projects and in the end I liked the design from the Arduino CNC intstructable that I found here. This is a project that is washable, easily customized to any outfit and can be completed in under and hour! Once the cake is on the cone, the lollipop sticks can be removed and the cake will still hold up beautifully. Anyway, on with the instructible!I am in a production of Noises Off and one of the props needed is a fire axe. After looking at these products for a while, I was ready to make one of these product on my own.

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