Few people that are ripping around the streets in today’s gas guzzlers will remember wood-powered cars, but if things continue the way they are, they may be lucky enough to see one pull up next to them at the light. While this technology showed incredible advancements over the next decade, it became obsolete as soon as the war was over and countries started to see some normalcy come back into their lives. Because of the renewed effort to save our fossil fuels and reduce the carbon footprint that is left by current automobiles, wood-powered cars are again getting some attention. There is one obvious drawback to the vehicles, and that is that they are definitely not aerodynamic.
Alt energy projects must be practical and work, which is why our goal here is to make the hydrogen generators smaller, more compact, able to fit into the existing cars without major modifications, and still be able to extend mileage. You also don’t have to cut down a tree- simply add some water (less than a gallon of water a month to increase your mileage 30%-40%).
I can see this taking off in rural areas, especially on vehicles used for farming, but otherwise I doubt it’ll make a big impact elsewhere.
Not that this has any chance of seriously taking off, but I’d also bet it would cause massive smog if it did. Any fibrous material, whether it be wood, grass, wheat straw or corn stalks and cobs should work in these cars.
I remember having traveled long distance in a Bus run on coal; I even helped turn the hand operated blower which kept the fuel burning… that was way back in 1945 or 46? While solar-power electric hybrid vehicles are a proven success story on the roads, the time is ripe for the appearance of solar-electric watercraft.

The 2011 Chevrolet Volt became the first electric car to be chosen as the Green Car of the Year 2011. In strict adherence to guidelines released by the Department of Energy, the United States Postal Service gets on a fast track to reach the goal for energy reduction. This can very well happen in the near future with billboards advertising – bold and strong, beckoning electric vehicles for recharging.
Wood-powered cars are starting to pop up again as yet another means of saving our fossil fuels. With the apparent need to conserve gas for the war effort gone, the odd looking devices were no longer used and the automobile returned to normalcy.
There is a renewed interest and there is actually somewhat of a cult following starting to develop all over the world.
Whether the car owner chooses to mount the furnace to their car or pull it via a trailer, there is quite a bit more drag created when exploring the local roads.
It is novel, but the majority of people are not going to want to have their car look like a science project.
And I doubt that this will be the answer, we do not have enough wood, so this will only work if only a few people use it.
Of course, compressed air will have to be brought along so the entire contraption could fly through space. The science and knowledge is available but big oil companies would fight any use of these cars.

What is needed is the ability to capture and bottle the gas at a central facility and then refill an on board container similar to those used for propane powered vehicles.
This year’s show features a wide variety of electric, hydrogen and hybrid-electric vehicles. While the contraptions may look quite a bit different from the antiques that were used during WWII, they are still serving the same purpose. It is interesting as an emergency solution, but the fuel consumption is quite high, about 15-20 litres of wood (cut in small cubes) per 10km. A friend built a carburetor that got him over 100 miles per gallon of gas but the government told him he had to run tests on it and the tests run over 2 million dollars. A wood gas generator was attached to the vehicle so that the drivers could save fuel, yet still keep their cars operational.
Look for this technology to start popping back up at auto-shows and for it to gain a lot more attention from green enthusiasts. He gave an interview to the local tv station and while doing the interview, wore a mask, breathing the fumes out of the tail pipe( 100% oxygen) He died a couple of years later from natural causes and that was the end of it. Looking at some of the pictures from back then, the cars literally look like they have a wood-burning furnace attached to the hood or trunk.

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