Comments and Suggestions: Like another reviewer here I received a nice stock set that was marred at first by a deep scratch that extended down the stock. Comments and Suggestions: I am an old school collector, and sometimes like to dress 'em up occasionally. Comments and Suggestions: The item was just as advertised except it looked as if it had been stored within plastic prior to shipment and the plastic was cut off, with a razor knife, prior to shipping. Masonry structure topped with a chimney and open in front; burning wood emits heat that is reflected from the inner hearth. Part of a fireplace located above the mantel; it hides the chimney and allows the smoke to escape to the outdoors. Vertical facing making up the side of the hearth and supporting the upper parts of the fireplace.
From our inception, the mission of Bed Wood and Parts, LLC was (and remains) to offer you, our customer, the highest quality service and products, at a competitive price, which bring your dreams and aspirations to reality.

These original walnut German military surplus stock sets were in use with the German military from 1959-1964 and come used in good shape over all. I have a c308 and already swapped out to the OD furniture- kind of cool to switch the looks as it only takes a minute!
As nice as the poly PTR-91 stocks are (and they are nice indeed), these just change the whole character of the rifle. After some light sanding and multiple coats of Formby's the stock cleaned up very well and the scratch was not very noticeable. Aside from the scratch everything was fine and the fitting was perfect for my ptr 91, 18" barrel.
I was prepared for something less than desirable, but found that the set I got was in reasonably good condition considering it could have been 40 years old or more(the hollow under the butt plate had a musty smell of very old wood and a cobweb or two). Complete as shown with black shroud and installed hub liner for threaded 1" steel posts.

The original HK German wood stocks sets are now drying up and we are down to our last units available.
Steel components were original greenish parkerizing from the fifties and entirely rust free. I spent the better part of Super Bowl weekend sanding out the minor dings and blemishes and steamed out a couple of larger dings. I just slapped on the frog lube, and I know it will be around for another 100 years, if the feds don't steal it first. I wish I could get European walnut surplus stocks at this price, in this condition, for all my other rifles.

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