As Polo players ourselves, we know what a polo player requires, and we can confidently speak for the quality of our products.
Made in New Zealand, Fibrecane is the latest in polo mallet technology, with the current unstable and dwindling supplies of manau cane; this really is the 'green' mallet.
This item is only available to customers within the UK, if you are not in the UK and are interested in purchasing this item,A¬†click here to contact us. These mallets incorporate some of Fred Hinger’s patented design features which set them apart from any other mallets on the market today. It is superior to cane mallets as it is lighter, stronger, with a larger sweet spot, minimised vibration, and the revolutionary everlasting handle.

Certain parts of the Steve Weiss Music: Percussion Specialists website require JavaScript to properly function. If you played timpani, you know wood mallets don't get used often, and there isn't much of a difference between wood mallets.
With these, however, I got some felt from a local craft store and just went around once with the felt. It also prevents the uneven bunching up of felt near the stitches.Throughout his long distinguished career, Fred Hinger served as timpanist with both the Philadelphia Orchestra and the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra in New York City. Investing 33 cents on felt made the difference from a $10 toy to a nice set of semi-specialty timpani mallet.

He was one of the most innovative players, teachers and product designers in the history of percussion.
His students hold positions in major orchestras, chamber groups and teaching positions around the world.

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