Wood furniture that has seen several repairs may need a wood hole filler to hide the screw holes.
If the holes are large, the easiest types of fillers that you can use are water putty or a large hole wood filler. As their name suggests, an interior wood hole filler is used for indoor furniture while an exterior wood hole filler is used for outdoor furniture. While we were at The Farm for the weekend, I made Captain Cavedweller wander around with me while I took a boatload of photos.
I will freely admit I was more than a little fascinated by all the weathered old wood around the place. This cool shot was taken in what used to be the original shop built goodness only knows when. This door used to let the cows out of the milk barn and it seemed like it weighed half a ton when I got stuck opening it. Find all my books here!If you like clean romances, you'll love the hunky cowboys and strong women in these stories!
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. For example, if you are dealing with soft woods, you can use strips of the same wood as a wood hole filler by gluing them into the hole. If you don’t know what type of wood you are working on, you can always be a try and use other kinds of wood like matchsticks or toothpicks instead.

If the damage is only as deep as the surface, they can easily be repaired with the use of a wood hole filler. Both of these fillers can come in different colors but they are usually darker than the wood. To use it, the powder is mixed with water and then applied into the hole using a putty knife. It is important to know the difference between the two because one type of filler may not work well when used in an environment that it is not compatible with.
It is important to know what type of hole you are working with and for what purpose you are going to use it for because the methods of filling these holes are very different from each other. If you look close, you’ll see even the nail heads have turned red from age and weather.
This would be the place where I learned to despise chickens because I just knew they were determined to peck me to pieces whenever I got sent in to collect the eggs. Make sure that the glue has dried for a few hours and then level and sand the area as necessary. You could also try and find the strongest epoxy glue or “Bondo” fillers, but these may cause problems, as they don’t flex with the wood. Outdoor furniture, for example, need fillers that can resist weather changes while indoor furniture doesn’t really need these.
For example, wood fillers may be great options for normal holes but they aren’t as advisable for screw holes.

The chickens flew the coop about 35 years ago and the building has since been used for irrigation tube storage. When I was growing up I hated walking past here because a flock of terrorist birds would dive bomb me almost every time. Make sure to do it tightly and to leave a small mound above the wood because filler shrink when they dry. However, although they can be quite different from each other, there are still some products that can work for both indoor and outdoor furniture.
This would also be the door that didn’t get opened soon enough on one particular occasion which resulted in the cow going down the steps, into the milkroom and chasing my mom around the tank until my dad and brother came to the rescue. This is because wood fillers are usually used for aesthetics and are not strong enough to hold screws and such. They usually dry quickly, but it is better to leave them alone for two days before smoothing, sanding, and buffing the area.
You simply have to apply it on the hole and then use your fingers to level it with the wood. If you are going to have the surface finished or refinished, make sure that the putty has dried for at least 7 days.

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