I came across a new product, Planter Frames, when visiting the Northwest Flower and Garden Show in Seattle last month.
Planter Frames, which are available in three styles–Vertical, A-Frame, and Hanging–are crafted almost entirely of fallen and salvaged cedar from the San Juan Islands, where Miller lived for seven years. Miller, who works with his father, takes the project literally from tree to planter stand. As the root base in the San Juan Islands, explains Miller, is very poor because of the shallow bedrock, trees are very vulnerable in wind storms.
Miller offers a vertical stand, the Tower 24, that holds 24 pots and would be perfect for a small space urban garden.
For a limited time, Miller is partnering with Urban Gardens exclusively to offer our readers a 10% discount on all orders using the code URBAN. The freshest innovative and eco-friendly designs, trends, and ideas for urban gardens and stylish small places.
Vertical gardens are a fun way to garden without spending all your time on your knees in the backyard. A few pipes with the top cut off can be hung on the walls or fence to create a cascading vertical garden. A DIY vertical planter made from an old wooden pallet, hooks, and plain old terra cotta planters. For a cute, easy twist on the traditional trellis, hang tin planters from each of the rungs.
If you have a few pairs of jeans that are too worn or out of style, upcycle those jeans by using this little sewing project to create hanging planters!
An old wine barrel can be cut into sections to create a tiered planter for succulents, perennials, or anything you want!
Few materials can match the natural beauty of a newly installed wood deck and fence, which were a dramatic transformation for this small backyard patio. When Spring and Summer come I am all about flowers, so finding a way to add them to my outdoor space is always my end goal. The free standing wood planters are handcrafted by Pacific Northwest native, Matt Miller, who says he comes “from a long line of woodworkers–as far back as anyone has record of.

For a freestanding option, there is an A-Frame design that includes one that holds 21 basic garden pots and another that holds nine. The larger frames are held together with wing nuts and come apart easily for winter storage. Not able to find with the link — takes you to some GoDaddy web page but on link to Mat Miller. They’re great for people with knee or back problems, or for those of us without large, beautiful yards for our displays. The plants are contained within a plastic bag, so don’t worry about the fabric getting gross! Just be sure to keep the frame flat for a few days after you plant the succulents so all your hard work doesn’t come tumbling down in a mess of potting soil and plants! This cute project trails vines up and down the ladder and places small glass planters on the steps for a delicate, simple garden that looks fantastic. Trail vines out of the top, or plant herbs in a number of these for a fun, interesting look. Most of the wood I used was wood pallets.View in galleryTo begin, the plan was for this planter to hold the flowers. I purchased some flowers in a bucket.View in galleryThe first step is to determine how big the planter needs to be.
These 4 pieces will be the center of the planter box.View in galleryView in galleryWith those cut, I now have the template for the height of the planter. They have already been cut down and separated from the pallet.View in galleryTaking one of the 4 center pieces and setting them on the pallet.
I stapled them down, but a nail and hammer will do the trick just the same.View in galleryI repeated this for all 4 sides. Creating the box look.View in galleryTo clean it up, and make it more secure I also took some thinner pieces of wood and added them to the top and bottom of the sides. Allowing it to be more polished. When working with pallets it is important to try and add some finishing touches to have the piece feel a little more complete.

So things like the trip pieces on top and bottom add just that.View in galleryThe bottom I used two pallets cut down to size and nailed them to the bottom of the planter. I did not want to completely box it in because when I water the plant I wanted the excess water to have a way to get out. Leaving the bottom somewhat open allows this to happen.View in galleryOnce the box was built and the plant fit perfectly inside it.
It is time to paint it. Because the pallets are really rough, using generous amounts of paint is needed to cover the planter.
I am using a bright yellow color, with is being summer I tend to use bright colors in my outdoor space.
It just seems fitting.View in gallery View in galleryI ended up doing three coats of paint to give a good and solid cover of the pallets.
I did this for all 4 interior boards.View in galleryI purchased a long chain, with smaller loops. If I had wanted it to appear bulkier, getting a thicker chain would have given me that appearance. Measuring the location I want the planter to be and then how much I wanted it to hang down. This will determine how much to cut for the chain.View in galleryUsing pliers to pull the chain links apart at the spot needed. The chains will criss-cross in the center at the top.View in galleryOpening up one link and looping it into the hook.
The running the other end through the corresponding diagonal hook.View in galleryThe final look for the chains is a criss-cross look with the chains.
Using a larger hook and screwing it into a ceiling, or patio roof would have made this be a easy hanging planter as well.View in galleryI love the look of this, it gives the space a fun and bright look to it.

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