Usually, you also have to use glue around the dowel pins, as it will enhance the strength of the wood joint, especially if you lock the components together with several clamps. If you don’t have a dowel jig (which is the best option when making a dowel joint), you have to use a L-square to mark the spot where you are going to drill several holes.
In order to get the job done in a professional manner, we have to use wood dowels and a sharp drill bit.
When drilling the holes make sure you hold the drill machinery perpendicular on the wood board’s surface.
Next, place the second component over the first piece of wood, making sure their edges are perfectly aligned.
Smart Tip: After you made sure the two halves are perfectly aligned, you should tap the top wood piece with a rubber mallet as to make marks for the mating holes (in the other half of the dowel joint).
Next, we have to drill holes in the second piece of wood, as to join together the two halves using dowels. Next, as our project regarding  how to join wood with dowels is almost done, we have to install the dowel pegs.
Smart Tip: After applying the wood glue you have to install the second half of the joint, as the glue usually dries out very quickly. Last but not least, we have fastened the dowel joint by locking together the two wood pieces.

Smart Tip: As to increase the strength of the dowel joint, you could secure them with clamps for several hours or put a heavy object on top of the components. Thank you for reading our article on how to make a dowel joint, and we recommend you to check out the rest of our projects.
Generally speaking, wood pegs are used when making furniture or when joining together tightly several pieces of wood.
After the glue has dried out, the dowel joint will be even  stronger than a regular piece of wood, provided you use the proper techniques and tools. If the pieces of wood you want to lock together are no larger than 3-4”, then 2 wood plugs will do just fine. Although it might look difficult to drill the holes without a dowel jig, we assure you can do it with little practice. If the drill bit it is not sharp, then you risk making poor holes, and your pieces won’t match. Consequently, we have to use metal dowel points, as to make sure the two components are aligned properly.
If you are joining two small pieces, then you could set the components together beside a straight wall or a work bench.
As to make sure the two parts will match each other, you have to drill holes over the marks, using the same technique described above.

Consequently, pour a little wood glue in the holes and them tap firmly the wood dowels until you have inserted half of them. Before tapping the top part with a rubber mallet, you have to make sure the components are aligned properly. We have a large selection of online craft supplies for the hobbyist or the professional woodcrafter. In most cases it won’t be enough to fasten the wood joint of the wooden pieces by using  glue, but you also have to make a dowel joint using wood pegs.
Next, use the l-square or a tape measure to mark the exact spots where you are going to dill the holes (in our case the intersection of the lines). Put the dowel point in the drilled holes, making sure they are set accurately into position.
This techniques is quite old but very efficient, as it creates a secured joint between two or more wood parts.

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