Their site is easy to order from and a prompt service I was not disappoint with the tools I ordered and have recommend them to fellow trade members.
Really nice carving knives and a joy to carve away with at the weekend for my wood craft hobbies. Northern Wildwoods has Basswood for sale for wood carving,  chip carving, relief carving, whittling wood, pyrography (wood burning), and other wood crafts. We offer many sizes of Basswood carving blocks, carving wood, planks with bark,  craft wood, sheets, strips and sticks for model building and hobby wood. Northern Wildwoods has unfinished, dry Diamond Willow Sticks for sale to make walking sticks, hiking sticks and canes.

At Northern Wildwoods we understand the wood carvers need for quality stable wood to put your time and money into.  Northern Minnesota Basswood is light in color and among the best carving wood available.
Harvesting is done in Northern Minnesota forests by small select-cut logging operations with a high standard of preservation and good management practices.
Northern Wildwoods takes great pride to ensure the quality of our Basswood and Diamond Willow each step of the way from the forest to your door.
Try our products, you won't be disappointed.  You can shop online or give us a call to place an order.
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