Bill Flick, a native of Kansas, lives his life as an avid upland bird and waterfowl hunter, progressive fisherman, and fly fisherman. Today, Bill uses his vast knowledge of carving and love of fly tying and fly fishing to carve magnificent fishing fly carvings. Whether it’s wood that he’s found on an excursion in nature, a block of wood he’s come across at a lumber yard, or from his own workshop, Bill lets the wood speak to him. Phyllis Baker renewed her interest in art after a full career and life raising three children. Linda Battles became interested in art at a young age, but did not pursue it seriously until taking art classes at a local college for fun. Donna Branson recently reignited her childhood passion for pastels after retiring from a 27-year career in apparel design at Oklahoma State University.
Terry Cox has just recently discovered his love of pastels during an introductory art class at The University of Central Oklahoma in 2008. Diane Downes: As a former native of the Cape Cod, Massachusetts area, Diane's artistic talent began to mature when she moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1986. Joey Frisillo is a signature member of the Pastel Society of America and an Associate member of Oil Painters of America and Women Artists of the West. Linda Hiller has studied with Sara Oakley, Dale Martin, Maggie Price, Sean Dye, Gary Lennon, and Richard McKinley. Jan Hutchinson grew up in Oklahoma and has always loved the beauty of the outdoors and the amazing variety of God's creation.
Debby Kaspari grew up near San Francisco, sketching and observing nature in the hills and marshes at the edge of the city. Patricia King is originally from Sacramento, California, and now resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Jimi Layman is a charter member of the Oklahoma Pastel Association and currently serves as co-editor for the association's newsletter, The Pastel Press. Sheila Minnich says, "I've received Honorable Mention two years in a row in the Pastel Journal Competition and also in the Artists Magazine for a colored pencil piece.
Linda Probst was an unappreciated child muralist, an art major in College, and an employee at Oklahoma Publishing Company before marriage and family.
A native of Osaka, Japan, Mitsuno Ishii Reedy began her career in mid-1970's painting portraits, still lifes, and landscapes for collectors throughout the United States. Charlotte Rodgers has studied with the master pastelist Ben Konis of Amarillo and with Urania Christy Tarbet. Sue Ann Rodgers: Landscapes, still lifes and the (rare!) portrait are favorite subjects for Sue Ann.

Jude Tolar spent her childhood drawing mermaids and Hawaiian girls and her college years doodling on class notes. Becky Way draws inspiration for her more impressionistic landscapes from local adventures and other travels. Ronda is a member of the Oklahoma Art Guild and a founding member of the Oklahoma Pastel Society (OPS).
Carving fly fishing flies is a unique form of art work directly associated with the true art of tying a fly with feathers and fur.
When he chooses a piece of wood to carve with he takes his time and lets the resulting bird, fish, or fly fishing fly emerge.
She started studying with Leslie Lienau and quickly found a friend and mentor and that was the direction and inspiration she needed. She is a member and current president of Oklahoma Pastel Society, as well as a member of Pastel Society of the Southwest and Oklahoma Art Guild. A graduate of California College of the Arts, she pursued a career in illustration with a strong emphasis on drawing. She studied for a number of years with artist Gary Lennon and is currently studying oil painting with Dennis Parker.
Animals are my favorite subject in pastel, the medium just works so well to get the look that I want. Most of the last 20 years she has worked with school children, watching them create and cheering them on. She has won numerous awards, including first place in OPS fall shows in 2005 and 2006, and her work hangs in many private collections. At the time a psychology degree from OSU seemed more practical than her fine art prospects.
Ronda’s artwork speaks to your imagination through her wonderful use of form and color. In 1979, Bill took his passion for the outdoors to a new level allowing his creativity to inspire him, and he began carving the nature around us.
His subjects include waterfowl, game birds and song birds (particularly those indigenous to Kansas). All of Bill Flick’s carvings are representations and replications of actual named fly patterns or natural imitations of aquatic insects. Each carving is unique – because of the nuances of the wood and materials that adorn a carving, every bird, fish, and fly fishing fly is truly one of a kind. Jan painted in oils for more than 20 years until a chance encounter with pastels ignited a fervor for interpreting the world through pastels.

As a dedicated field artist she uses her signature gesture drawings, field notes and camera to accentuate the rhythms and movements of her animal, plant and landscape subjects to create beautiful paintings. Her subject matter is usually landscapes and still lifes but she has been known to do a portrait from time to time. She is past president of the Amarillo Art Association, and is a member of the Oklahoma Pastel Society and the Central Art Association of Oklahoma City.
Janie is a member of the Oklahoma Art Guild and a founding member of the Oklahoma Pastel Society (OPS). She is a member of OPS, OVAC, EAA and IAPS and is represented by The Dean Lively Gallery in Edmond, Ok.
Further studies with Gary Lennon, Lorenzo Chavez, Clive Tyler, Becky Way and many other fine teachers have been both enlightening and encouraging.
She freelanced in graphic design and illustration for many years and wrote and illustratedand children's books.
Marie is a member of the Oklahoma Pastel Society (OPS) and the Pastel Society of America (PSA). She describes her work as a continuing journey that is at the same time frustrating and exhilarating.
She has taught field sketching and nature journaling and created exhibit graphics and large murals for the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History.
Her work has been exhibited in a solo exhibit at the Governor’s Gallery at the Oklahoma Capitol, Oklahoma City, OK.
Her work was chosen for the American Art in Miniature Show at the Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa, OK in 2008 and 2009. The acreage Jude shares with her husband, Jim, in Stillwater provides many outdoor subjects.
Jude has learned much from pastel workshops with Becky Way, Terry Ludwig, Clive Tyler and Dale Martin.
She also owes much to her Tuesday art group, the Oklahoma Pastel Society, Oklahoma Art Guild and Stillwater Art Guild.
Her latest, biggest thrill was winning two Best of Show awards in the same week in March, 2009.

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