Hand-crafted in our Montana workshop, all bears are carved of solid wood and finished with black stain. I have had a Wood Actually bear in my garden for a year now and the garden is much nicer because of him being there. Wholesale CustomersIf you would like to purchase our products as a wholesale customer, please contact us for further details.

Duncan Phyfe dining room table, oval shape with 3 leaves, 6 chairs with harp backs, table covers and pads. The Bear pictured below is a LIFESIZE Polar Bear in Raw form (ready for final detail and preservative).
If you would like a JR Chainsaw Carving,give us a call: 919-616-6111 or use our contact form.

A Black Forest Decor Exclusive - A black bear is hand-carved and hand-painted in exquisite detail on the seat of the pine log Carved Wood Bear Barstools with a clear-coat catalyzed lacquer finish.

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