The Sovereign Heat Circulating Wood Burning Fireplace - 42" adds the warmth of circulating heat and an unobstructed view of the fire to any room in your home. Manufacturer Warranty This limited warranty covers factory-build fireplaces and components. Although it is our goal to get your products to you by Christmas, delivery dates are estimates, not guarantees. If you have any further questions, please call one of our Customer Service Representatives at (800) 919-1904.
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As a dedicated woodburner, the Dovre 2300CB is equally at home as a built-in fireplace with a sophisticated convection system as it is in a dramatic inglenook.
Open the doors and enjoy the full ambience of a real fire or close the doors and a sophisticated airwash system keeps the glass cleaner for a full view of the flames. With these fireplace features and the inclusion of an aerated baffle for greater efficiency and lower emissions, the 2300CB woodburner takes crackling log fires into a new era. The Dovre 2300CB wood burner is suitable for inglenooks (with optional steel canopy, base plinth and side panels) or as a built-in fireplace. This Is A Custom WidgetThis Sliding Bar can be switched on or off in theme options, and can take any widget you throw at it or even fill it with your custom HTML Code.
Warming Shelf1078 Warming shelves allow you to use your stove to warm gloves, mittens and other items. When more architecturally sophisticated structures began to be built, one person’s ceiling was another persons floor in multi-level units. Chimneys allowed for smoke to travel upwards through more than one floor in order to be let out into the sky.  This was of utmost important as the smoke that was the necessary output from the fireplaces in use would often be trapped by poor ventilation. The idea that fireplaces would be the centerpiece of a home’s design is a very modern idea. With fake logs that look like freshly cut cedar and rising flames that seem completely natural, these fireplaces show that ingenuity in the art form has far from run its course.
Fireplaces evoke nostalgic and sentimental memories of times when whole families would gather in the family room and listen to a show on the radio or read books together in quiet company.  When the weather turned cold and the outdoor adventures had to wait for Spring, the fireplace was the gathering place of many families. Initially rooms needed to be heated in order to stay alive in cold winter months, but even as modern heat sources developed, most homes were still built with a functional wood burning fireplace, both as an alternate source of heat, but also as an attractive design feature of the main room. Casting techniques as well as new technology have made the modern fireplace very sophisticated.  The inserts available for these modern fireplaces are often decorated cast iron pieces frequently decorated with tiles. The Industrial Revolution really paved the way for the ubiquity of fireplaces as iron became plentiful and easy to work with for both utilitarian and decorative purposes.
The popularity of fireplaces has waned little since Victorian times and newer technology gives one the options of designing with this retro feel in mind or going completely modern with remote controls that control not only the flame by the ventilation and the heat produced. One feature from old homes that is making a resurgence in modern design is  the stove fireplace.  These can be situated in any area that could house a traditional fireplace, the only requirement being access to a chimney so that the air can flow through. In fact, London lawmakers have urged a ban on wood burning fireplaces because of the high level of pollution. Today, most of the fireplaces are fueled by natural gas mainly because it does not cause too much pollution as compared to firewood and it is easy to ignite and to control.

Other ways to deter the environmental concerns include cleaner burning wood that is not only better for the ozone layer but also easier to set fire to.
The Sovereign is a classic-looking wood burning fireplace will add elegance and tradition to any room. We route each question to the appropriate team member and strive to answer all inquiries in the most efficient and compete manner possible.At Woodland Direct, we take our responsibility to guarding your privacy seriously. Choose a fan thermostat without cord, fan thermostat with cord, fan rheostat, or the dual-speed convection fan. Smoke that would be produced by the fire was removed from the home via a hole in the ceiling. Grates allowed for the fuel that was being burned (wood usually) to be raised from the ground, thereby allowing for more oxygen flow and better burning fires. They used developments in engineering to create boxes that directed the smoke upward and also concentrated the heat outward.
Cooking was moved to the kitchen almost exclusively and the fireplace was now mainly used for warmth and conversation. Recently there has been movements suggesting that the environmental impact of wood burning needs to be reconsidered. As companies developed the ability to smelt iron more easily fireplaces themselves became more affordable.
Gas fireplace manufactures have made great strides in making their “wood” look more natural to evoke the same ambiance of the wood burning fireplaces and there are ones that accomplish this so well, it is difficult to believe actual wood is not burning. They are iconic enough to be symbolized in Christmas cards every winter and many families would not consider Christmas morning begun until the fireplace was lit.
If you are comfortable picking the components that you need for venting this item, please choose from the items below. This component is no exception, a 6-inch inner diameter x 15-foot long DuraFlex liner kit that includes a CollarPlate with clamp band, rain cap with clamp band, and connector adaptor. Features: Refractory-lined firebox Black mesh fire screen Cast iron flue Heavy-duty grate With a full refractory firebox it is durable and offers a realistic look along with being easy to clean.
5-Year Coverage: For five years from the date this fireplace and components are first purchased for use, the manufacturer will, at its option, repair or replace any defective part of this fireplace or components, or refund to you a sum not to exceed the factory retail price in effect at the time of purchase. That's why we refuse to sell any of your data to third party sources, no matter the purpose.
If it is urgent that you get your order by a specific day, please call and speak with a sales representative at 800-919-1904 to ensure the quickest service possible.
Choose between 1, 2, 3 or 4 columns, set the background color, widget divider color, activate transparency, a top border or fully disable it on desktop and mobile. However, a way to harness and enclose fire was necessary to keep warm on particularly cold days and nights. Initially this was due to the warmth they provided in an era when heaters had not yet evolved. The intricate designs that accompany this change in use echo the move from utilitarian to decorative. If you need any help at all, please use our FREE advice from our certified fireplace specialists.
This item is designed for use with other DuraVent DuraFlex pipes and components with a 6 inch inner diameter.

The tapered design of the firebox creates better heat reflection ensuring that more heat is reflected outward so it can warm the room rather than escaping out the chimney. 10-Year Coverage: From the sixth through the tenth year following the date this fireplace or accessory is first purchased for use, the manufacturer will make available to you, at their factory, a free replacement for any defective part in this fireplace or accessory.
You can rest secure in the fact that we only use your information internally to enhance your shopping experience. Please allow additional time for shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada or International Shipments.
Later the comfort and homey feeling of the fireplace continued to have it serve as the central location for family gatherings or entertainment. Even as the design portion overtook the heat portion of the fireplace equation, wood was still the fuel of choice.
If you ever to convert the wood burning fireplace to gas there are two knockouts on either side of the firebox, you can easily add an optional gas log set to your wood-burning fireplace.
25-Year Availability of Replacement Parts: From the eleventh through the twenty-fifth year following the date this fireplace or accessory is first purchased for use, the manufacturer will make available at their factory replacement parts for this fireplace or accessory, which you may purchase for the list price current at the time your purchase order is received. For items that ship freight, an appointment is necessary for delivery which may alter the delivery date. This Light Chimney Liner Kit includes a 6-inch inner diameter x 20-foot long DuraFlex liner, a collar plate with clamp band, a rain cap with clamp band , and connector adaptor.
The lift up grate makes ash removal simple, while the built-in ash lip keeps soot and cinders from spilling out of the fireplace. The louvers at the top and bottom help to circulate the heat and the heat is transferred as it moves across hot surfaces.
Limitation and Exclusions: No one has authority to add to or vary this limited warranty, or to create for the manufacturer an other obligations of liability in connection with this fireplace and accessory. The manufacturer shall not be liable for incidental, consequential, special or contingent damages you might suffer as a result of its breach of this written warranty or any implied warranty, Some states do not allow the exclusion of limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation may not apply to you.
DuraFlex combines exceptional quality with economical prices to produce a stellar lining product. This kit includes 6-inch inner diameter x 30-foot long DuraFlex liner, a Collar Plate with clamp band, and a Rain cap with clamp band.
Then take a look at this 6 Inch Diameter x 35 Foot Long Kit of 304-Alloy Light Chimney Liner from DuraFlex DuraVent. This is for use exclusively with other DuraVent DuraFlex pipes and components with a 6 inch inner diameter. This UltraPro kit includes FlexWrap cut to correct length and wrap width so that you get the perfect fit.
This chimney liner insulation kit comes with insulation already cut to the right wrap width according to the 6 in.
Having precut insulation save you the time and hassle of cutting and preparing it yourself-making this a more cost effective option.
If so, then you need to give some attention to many of the products that are produced by HomeSaver.

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