Picture a campfire, dusty cowboys, baying cattle, a red hot brand, and knowing those mangy rustlers are out there ready to steal the ranch cattle. Our branding and marking tools make wonderful gifts for the hobbyist wood- or leather worker, for the barbecue aficionado, and for crafters working in wood, leather, plastic, soap, and wax, sand, and cement. If you mail your artwork to us, protect the artwork by mailing it to us between cardboard protectors. Your custom designed wood product coveys your message on a medium that will be cherished by your clients. Your message becomes associated with the evocative cedar sauna smell, the texture of your message deeply scorched in wood ,the sight of natural wood and seared logo & the sound of fingers languorously stroking brands on wood.

You can create your own a one-of-a-kind brand that will be a lasting tribute to your creativity and workmanship by simply submitting your black and white art work in a digital file of at least 300 DPI. These handsome brands, together with your name or initials, will make any gift made in your shop more special for generations to come.
Chinese plastics won't create loyalty in the way that these homegrown legacies of rainforest wood and cowboy brands will.
This unique natural cedar medium is evocative of rainforests, giant old growth forests, saunas, and hot summer days on a cedar deck. Our branding and marking tools make beautiful impressions or brands in various materials, and the brands themselves make beautiful and durable keepsakes.

The term branding has been relegated to a marketing term representing the sum total of a corporation's image.
Our designers will work with you to create the cooking plank, box, bat, case, coaster, tray, salad spoons, luggage tags, name tags, & other products customized to enhance your unique market position.

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