Wood burning stoves cover a range of technologies, from old fashioned pot belly wood stoves through to state-of-the-art wood pellet burning stoves.
Wood burning stoves burn logs, wood pellets or wood chips to power central heating and hot water boilers. The back boiler works in the same way as the traditional back boiler connected to an open fire. Wood burners typically burn logs, but more sophisticated versions burn wood pellets and will usually feature automatic ignition and pellet feeding systems.
Depending on type of system installed, wood burning stoves with back boilers can be used in support of your existing heating system or, in many cases, to fully power your heating and hot water. The typical system can generate 10 - 15kW of energy, which is more than enough to provide hot water and heating throughout your home. Flues on the rear or side elevation of the building are allowed to a maximum of one metre above the highest part of the roof. If the building is listed or in a designated area it is advisable to check with your local planning authority before a flue is fitted.
In a conservation area or in a World Heritage site the flue should not be fitted on the principal or side elevation if it would be visible from a highway. Some installation companies are registered with the Governmenta€™s Competent Persons Scheme. If you appoint a trades person who is not part of a relevant Competent Persons Scheme, then you will need to submit a Building Regulations application to your local Council.
As with Option 1, you will need this certificate should you come to sell your property, so do not pay the final bill to your installer until you have this piece of paper in your hands. Expect to pay around £4,000 for a good quality, pellet burning wood burner with back boiler. For log burners, the price of logs fluctuates widely, but you may be in the fortunate position of being able to source your wood fuel for free.

Are there any grants or other funding support available to help pay for wood burning stoves with back boilers? The Green Deal scheme may be able to help you pay for the upfront costs of the installation through Green Deal financing. If you have a reliable, local log, wood chip or wood pellet supplier, or even better, if you have you own wood supply and space where the wood can be dried out, then a wood burning stove with back boiler could dramatically reduce your energy bills. If you have no access to mains gas heating, you may be able to access grant funding under the Renewable Heat Premium Scheme to help may for the installation of your wood burning stove with back boiler.
A top tip from the Energy Saving Trust website is that a wood burning stove with back boiler and solar heating are a great combination as the stove can heat your home and provide hot water in winter and the solar can heat your hot water in the summer when no central heating is required. Are there rules about areas of the city of Cambridge where stoves are required to burn smokeless fuel?
We installed this contemporary wood burning stove in autumn 2012 in the centre of Cambridge, we also included the kit necessary to make this a multi fuel stove – allowing for optimum efficiency and eco friendliness.
To make sure the stove was installed in line with current regulations it was necessary to widen the fireplace and extend the hearth, as shown in the pictures.
This Hunter Herald stove proves to be excellent value and is currently available as one of our special offers – please contact us for more details of this and other offers. Please check out our contemporary stoves, traditional stoves and budget stoves or get in touch for some friendly advice. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This allows them to install and a€?self-certifya€™ the stove without having to make a formal application to the Council under the Building Regulations. Make sure the installer provides you with a certificate of compliance at the end of the job.
This typical cost includes installation and the cost of upgrades to your existing chimney or the cost of installing a flue.

Although  these appliances are compact in size, the products still offer primary and secondary air control, with a preheated airwash system. The installer should be suitably qualified, preferably one who belongs to either the Microgeneration Certification Scheme or a relevant Competent Person Scheme.
If satisfied with the work, the Council's Building Control Officer will issue a completion certificate. High efficiency rates A free standing wood burner or multi-fuel stove such as the Huntingdon 35, has an efficiency rate of up to 82%.
Cast iron is a traditional material for stoves as it allows heat to be diffused to give an even output for a comfortable, ambient room temperature.Using a renewable fuel source Wood logs are a renewable fuel provided that you purchase from a reputable supplier who sources from well managed woodland. Burning wood is also largely carbon neutral as the carbon dioxide given off during combustion is roughly equivalent to that absorbed by the tree during its growth. Wood will also give off carbon dioxide when left to rot so it’s worth utilising logs to generate useful heat for your home.Cleanburn and Airwash help you to make the most of your fuel By continually investing in technology and research, Stovax offer advanced features in most of their free standing wood burners. A triple air system provides thermal efficiency, a cleaner burn and the ability to control the flame picture.Airwash keeps your stove glass clear by drawing air down the inside of the door to prevent soot and other combustion particles from coming into contact with its surface.
They can be linked to an existing central heating system and will provide not only radiant heat for the room but enough hot water for up to 19 radiators. This ensures that the stove is sufficiently clean burning to maintain the requirements of the Clean Air Act 1993.

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