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Each of our insulators made in the USA, some over 100 years, old are cleaned, drilled, polished, fixtured with bulb and ready to use. The lovely coloring of deep red wine is exposed throughout the legs which are made by using the staves - sides of the barrel.
InsulatorLights are easy to install, adjust height & re-lamp with any number of intermediate bulbs available at most hardware stores.
Perfect for sipping a glass of wine or reading your favorite book this adirondack chair will showcase the beauty of a vineyard right in your own backyard.

Even one barrel stave will be enough for a charming candle holder I’m going to show you. If ordering multiple chairs, every effort is made to match color, back height and pitch of each chair. Once it’s cleaned up you need to determine where glass candle holders will be located. In order to make the holder looks better sand down the sharp edges of the holes and cover the whole holder with shellac. Download PDF pallet tutorials & plans for free by clicking here!{ Leave a Reply } Cancel replyYour email address will not be published.

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