The Vertical Floating Bookshelf from Umbra reinvents standard bookshelves and explores the realm of book displaying possibilities. Conversely, choosing to stack your books along the wall means you can add up to 4 or 5 books (depending on their size and weight) per shelf.
Whether it’s to store your books or show them off to your book club, the Floating Bookshelf is the unseen support your books need.
Sogar are an Australian based leading manufacuter and online retailer in designer furniture.

Sign In Register an Account Sign In Bookshelf with books and inkwell РStock Illustration Bookshelf with books and inkwell. Contrary to  conventional bookshelves, Umbra utilizes minimalist design to showcase your reading list with both style and direction, being able to hold books both horizontally and vertically. Sogar are passionate about bringing affordable contemporary design to Australian households and offices. The beauty of the Floating Bookshelf is that it works as either a horizontal or vertical book display.

That being said, if you’re going for a vertical display, you can only display one book at a time.

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