As a young boy watching the first Indiana Jones movie, Joel knew he wanted to be an archaeologist. With a BA in Art History and Anthropology from Eastern Washington University, Joel pursued a career as an archaeologist and artifact illustrator.
Joel first began his woodworking quest for knowledge by taking a bowl turning class offered at the Spokane Woodcraft store back in 2009 with his wife Christine. When first starting out, Joel experienced shop space limitations, but he focused his positive energy on the woodworking and immediately recognized the vast creative possibilities.  Even when creating functional items such as wine stoppers, pepper mills or executive pens, there were endless ways to elevate items to an artistic level since each is diligently and meticulously created by hand.
Joel constantly strives to utilize unique materials, mostly from his Spokane Washington Woodcraft store and combine them in surprising ways.  He recently developed a multi-day process to create high end leather pens in addition to exotic and domestic wood pens, acrylic pens, pepper mills and wine stoppers. Once the blank is made you need to harden it with several applications of CA glue, otherwise you will get material fray out.
Once you have achieved the shape you desire in your pen blank, choose from a multitude of finishing products to get the desired sheen. When Joel is not developing and turning works of art for his business, he is giving back through Woodcraft’s Turning for Troops initiatives at his local Spokane WA Woodcraft store and The Patriot Woodworker Veterans resource opportunities areas. The leather Ultra Cigar Gold with Chrome Accents Pen below was sold to benefit the Home for Our Troops organization.

While Joel is working with smaller objects at this time, he plans to evolve his artistic endeavors to include larger and more complex pieces such as bowls and goblets with actual ancient replica markings.  This will allow Joel to combine his long term artistic vision with his archaeology knowledge to capture and resurrect ancient designs from 5000-6000 years ago and reintroduce this art to the world.
Visit Joel’s shop with a behind the scenes interview as Joel discusses his woodworking journey.
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Below are photos of  Joel (Indiana Jones) Green in his archaeology days and at the Giza Plateau. Midwest and West, he was able to uncover Native American artifacts from many tribes as well as objects early settlers had left behind.  Holding the artifacts, he would think about the person who had created it, how it had been used, what it meant to those who had owned it, and what it could mean as an inspirational find for others to behold. And I especially liked the video, the part where you discuss bringing old designs back to life in your creations really expressed the passion you have for your work. I intended using a router right way up on my Triton table but could not get a deep enough cut (even when turning the mounting plate upside down) so eventually i had to make multiple cuts with the crosscut saw of the triton.
I had to lower the table in order to get the burl in the space and all went fairly smoothly, it was quite hard to mark for the cuts though as all of the faces of the burl were so uneven.

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