We lugged the wood and built stands back in the VA woods, on ridges and in hollows and creek bottoms where bucks traveled, and had for decades, and still do.
And then I move on, thinking: The tree stands may be different today, but the spirit of the hunter is the same. I shot my first deer out of a wood stand that I helped my grandpa build when I was ten years old.
I still hunt from a wooden stand during rifle season (for almost 30 years), and so do most of the guys I hunt with.
Still hunt to this day out a wooden stand I built (and have RE-built many times in the last 15 years) Killed my first PA buck out of it and my latest PA buck out of it as well.
A tree stand’s purpose is to give hunters a place to perch above ground while patiently awaiting their prey.
Attention Women: How to Nab a High-Powered Board SeatThat type of structure fulfilled its purpose of giving hunters a better vantage point, but offered little protection from the elements.
According to officials in Minnesota, builders of the fancy tree stands go too far when they place their creations on public property. Krepps has brought the issue to the attention of the county board, but at this time no specific action has been taken against those who own deer stand mansions in Minnesota.
Major Indices Break Technical Barriers, But…Could GM’s Dirty Tactics Crush Tesla Motors Inc Stock? The cool new Rotating Christmas Tree Stand slowly and smoothly rotates a Christmas tree 360 degrees around so that all the ornaments and trimmings can be seen. Tom Kacheroski is a member of the Outdoor Writers Association of America, and manages the Guide Outdoors portion of the website.
Move into that trophy zone above a whitetail’s nose via the sturdy Big Game Infinity 16-foot Ladder Tree Stand. Up top, the 360-degree swivel seat is 22 inches by 13 inches by 19 inches high with Flex-Core Technology comfort. There’s also a backrest cushion that measures 14 inches by 8 inches high and 2 inches thick. When you’re 16 feet in the air with your bow or gun, you want confidence that’s you’re safe and secure. Each time you share - be it a comment, photo, video or suggested local resource on our Guide Outdoors website - you'll be entered in a drawing to win a $100 gift card at the end of the year! December 6, 2013 By ericadeuel 2 Comments Have you ever loaded your family up (like on Christmas Vacation) and headed out to cut down a Christmas tree? Everywhere I go to hunt, from the Milk River to Iowa, I find wooden stands abandoned and crumbling in the woods, turned black by the weather, the rotten steps hanging loose like decaying teeth on a big, long face. Just some 2x4s nailed in the fork of a big tree, about 15 feet high, with a scrap of carpet on one side to block the wind and hide my movement. For some people like me that are not that fond of heights, a wooden stand can make a big difference. We have free standing or attached to a big tree, Box stands with ladders, doors, windows and tin roofs.

That’s not the case today, and some government officials are irritated by what they refer to as an abundance of deer stand mansions. The Bonaldo Tree coat stand is one of the most beautiful and functional creations we have ever seen.
This comfortable hunting seat is absolutely the simplest way to get elevated, and it raises the bar on standard tree stands via an array of great features. Its mesh foot platform is 32 inches square, and offers a large, comfortable area with a wide stance. The setup also includes two ratchet and two stabilizer straps, and an adjustable support bar for stability.
You can expect that, plus better hunting via the Big Game Infinity 16-foot Ladder Tree Stand in Black.
Sometimes we’d nail a single 2x4 rail around the stand for safety and a gun rest, but not usually. This is a good spot to hunt, or else the guy would never have gone to the trouble of building the stand there. It's got screw-in tree steps up to it but Dad dragged one of his contractor's ladders in for me that week since the steps are too far apart for little short me.
I remember being 8 or 9 and helping my dad carry materials in to watch him build a treestand, that I would hope he would shoot a monster buck from. In the areas we built these stands we tested them out with stands like you see in your blog. Some, like the one in Texas pictured above, are free-standing buildings with roofs, insulation, heaters and windows.
Privacy Policy5494 Cool New Items Discovered Since The Beginning.Proudly Made From Recycled Pixels. It was a good three-hour drive, where my youngest brother (who we took with us) kept asking why we didn’t just buy one from the lot in front of Cicis pizza. Sometimes we built a little seat, but mostly we carried up a crate to sit on, which was not very safe. As I got older we built more stands together, and my very first bowkill came from a wooden stand about 10 feet up between three trees. Opening morning of gun season he shot a nice 8 pointer out of that stand and I've been hooked ever since! We have ladder stands and hang on ones as well that we move from place to place but the O'l wooden ones are the most comfortable and spacious!! Made of batch-dyed polyethylene which is available in two finishes (matte or gloss lacquered). 26 Crossbow Safari The Benjamin Pioneer Airbow is the Coolest Thing We've Seen in Some Time [VIDEO] Live Coverage From The 2016 SHOT Show!
The stand is no longer usable as it has deteriorated over the years, but I often still walk buy it and think about that magical opening morning with my dad.
I hang a loc-on within 20 yards of it every year and still have great success, but oftentimes catch myself staring at it, reminising.

In some of these stands I could have a square dance if I wanted to but I felt safer and more comfortable.
The matte finish comes in five colors and the glass lacquer finish is available in four colors. Now that we have our own kids and they are old enough to appreciate the experience, we loaded up and headed north to the tree farms once again. No old wood left hanging on it but some of the old nails are still in the tree about 15' up all rusted. And last year I picked up one of the old boards out of the dirt, took it home, and now that first little 4-pointer I arrowed form that stand, has his rack attached to that board, hanging in my man cave. Uniquely, when not in use, this tree coat stand can functioned as home accessories to add more style to your interior decor. Modifications could be made to help camouflage, make a very comfortable seat, block wind, have plenty of room for your other equipment, take a cooler, ect. We've taken too many deer to quickly remember and often place a new hunter there to up the odds.
While we reserve the right to remove or modify comments at our sole discretion, the Sportsman's Guide does not bear any responsibility for user comments. Yes, they eventually rot away but whats funner than building some new stands every couple years with your buddies in the spring and a few cold beers. We like ladder stands and have a few climbers, but the climbers are not as friendly to use with the lay of the land we hunt. The views expressed within the comment section do not necessarily reflect or represent the views of The Sportsman's Guide.
I hunt as often as not on the ground and our wood stands are usually within eye sight of older ones too. I then stained the five pieces I cut and handed my dream project off to my awesome husband. Once the box was created, he measured for the middle and drilled a huge hole into the center of the box. He screwed an old spaghetti jar lid to the inside of the box, so when the jar was twisted onto the lid, it could hold water for our tree. Both ways work, so you could go whichever way you want, if you want to create this same tree stand. I hope you too are able to enjoy the simple things this Christmas like the joy of finding your tree.

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