This standard open frame version of Toten's server cabinets is fully exposed for quick access and maximum ventilation. Get rid of those unsightly cables hanging out all over with TOTEN's multitude of cable management products.
Toten, certified under ISO9001:2008 and SGS, is a company manufacturing professional cabinets and enclosures providing for the needs of the automation, IT and telecommunication sectors. Through years of dedicated hard work, Toten has managed to achieve an exceptional level of quality for her internal environment and this has greatly allowed for intensive production to meet the demands of the global market.
Be at ease as you load up these steel cabinets while the vents and top-mounted cooling fans keep the heat under control. These improve the aesthetics of the cabinet as well as providing security for your valuable network and server equipment. Offering the same robust skeleton as the closed frame series, the open frame Toten server cabinet can easily be upgraded to a fully enclosed type by purchasing the side-panels and doors separately.

Minimize bulk while having maximum ventilation for all your equipment with these sturdy racks.
These mounts can accomodate and support your equipment while remaining compact and tough enough to be be wall mounted. With the ever increasing demand for rack cabinets and enclosures by the global market, Toten has rapidly grown into the most acclaimed and illustrious brand internally and a major player in the industry globally, with a huge group of subsidiary plants under her name. Durability and safety aspects of her machines and equipments have provided her with a strong base for her products to be manufactured.
We have 5pcs Germany TRUMPF high-speed hydraulic turret punch presses, 1pc Japan AMADA hydraulic turret punch presses, 33 pcs Japan AMADA press brakes, 2 pcs Germany TRUMPF laser cutter, 1set of Germany liquid dispenser,4 sets of welding robot. TOTEN cabinets include adjustable rails, caster wheels along with removable doors and side-panels for great flexibility to suit your needs! If additional access is necessary, the panels and doors can be temporarily removed and set aside.

With the great variety, there's certainly a style that will suit your needs and aesthetics. During this time we have built loyal distribution and supply chain channels conveniently located in many major Canadian cites. The decreased cost of maintenance and longer life-span of her equipments brought about a chain reaction in the decreased cost in production and her belief has always been to pass on these benefits of hers to her honourable customers. To meet the increasing market demand, factory occupation will be expanded to 110,000 square meters at the end of 2011.

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