The Working Tools of the Entered Apprentice represent the moral and spiritual virtues, habits, and forces by which a man reshapes the crude and often stubborn materials of his nature to adjust himself to the requirements of human society.
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This Internet-only auction of power and hand tools contains many quality tool brands such as Craftsman, Starrett, Channel Locks and many more. 4.By placing a bid, bidder signifies that they have visually examined the items to their satisfaction, or that they have chosen not to personally examine them.
9.By bidding in this auction, you are agreeing to all of the terms posted for this auction.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Set of working tools including level, carpenter square and two screwdriver isolated on white background. All images contained on this website are protected by the Copyright laws of the United States of America. Items will begin closing at 7:00 pm with a soft close, staggering the end time of each item. There is something for everyone from flat bottom Starrett punches and welder to a contrete bull float and 72" Jorgenson bar clamps.

If you need shipping services you can contact our local UPS Store and they will be happy to help you. Buyer will be charged the full bid amount for items or property not picked up by the designated date time, and will forfeit their right and claim to the property.

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