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All the text on the clock is laser cut right the way through - giving it the distinct clean, crisp lines and dark brown carbonised edge. The clock is sanded and sealed in a thin coat of water-based satin varnish - giving it a smooth, tactile finish. Tide clocks keep an approximation of the average time between high lunar tides: 12 hours 25 mins per revolution. Morland manufacture in the UK tongue and groove panelling The products can be tailored to suit your application whether that is just as ceiling detail through to a full co-ordinated system. We deliver cheaper-than-b-and-q WATERPROOF-PLYWOOD Every Type of Plywood,MDF,Chipboard, Sterling Board, OSB, Blockboard, Hardboard and Timber throughout the UK.

Permission is given for the reproduction and re use of the images provided in this image gallery for the purpose of promoting SUCK UK products and the SUCK UK brand. This is not a Toy This product has not been classified as a toy, and therefore is not intended for children.Recyclable Packaging Made from materials that can easily be recycled if disposed of correctly. We deliver cheaper-than-wickes FIRE-RESISTANT-HARDBOARD Every Type of Plywood,MDF,Chipboard, Sterling Board, OSB, Blockboard, Hardboard and Timber throughout the UK. As the precise average time between high lunar tides is half of a lunar day (or 12 hours 25 minutes and 14 seconds) the tide clock will gain and must be therefore be reset periodically. Crafted from Birch plywood, the cards take their inspiration from Mid-Century design, with a loving wink to the work of Ray and Charles Eames.
The images remain the property of the SUCK UK LTD Company and all rights are reserved, including the right to withdraw this permission.

Safety and responsibility for environment begins at the design stage of each product, the specification of materials and components, right through to the production method.
As the lunar tide and solar tide are synchronised near the full moon, this is generally the best time to set a tide clock.
The material provides Corey's cards stiffness, smoothness and a rich patina, and the interlocking slots allow the user to both build and play games with the deck.

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