Since European beech is very close-grained and dense, you can get a wonderfully smooth and flawless finish on the wood with very little trouble.
The same cherry colored oil stain is applied to each board – yet there are three drastic results.
Regular oil stains are problematic when applied right to the bare wood, even if sanded properly.
What about aniline dye? In most woods, dyes usually are a good alternative when an oil stain causes the wood to blotch. Beech takes a solid jet black dye, making it an inexpensive way to achieve a perfectly black color. Description: Come see how simple and magnificent it is to create beautiful carvings using a drawing, a photograph, or a snapshot from your camera phone. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The Optimum Prelude OPT-3000SL Stand is a 3 shelf hifi stand with four supporting legs that can be supplied in a number of finishes and length (see images above and options) and has a slimline depth of 400mm shelves for today's more standard audio visual components.
If you want delivery on a specific week day, please tell us by entering the required date in the Special Instructions box in the checkout. Please call us on 01623 672070 first to discuss why you may wish to return an item and to receive a returns number. Clearaudio Ovation wood Turntable Click on the image to enlarge and zoom.
Within a precision-machined chassis comprising a sandwich of aluminium and panzerholz bulletproof wood, 100,000 tiny metal balls eliminate any possibility of harmful resonances. With Clearaudio's optical speed control (OSC) and ceramic magnetic bearing (CMB), the Ovation achieves supreme speed stability and redefines the standards in its class.
A clear, fast-drying finish that combines superior durability with the warmth and beauty of traditional polyurethane.
Water Based Oil-Modified Polyurethane is a clear, ultra fast-drying finish that combines superior durability with the warmth and beauty of traditional polyurethane. Water Based Oil-Modified Polyurethane is ideal for use on all interior bare or stained wood surfaces including furniture, cabinets, doors and floors.
Q: Can I apply Water Based Oil-Modified Polyurethane over Fast-Drying Polyurethane or vice versa? Surface must be dry and free of old finishes in poor condition, paint, wax, grease, polish, dirt or other foreign matter. Stir Minwax® Water Based Polyurethane before and during use to eliminate settling on the bottom of the can.
Apply a THIN coat of Water Based Polyurethane using a high quality synthetic bristle brush or foam brush. When used on wood floors, use a lambswool or synthetic pad applicator and maintain a wet edge to avoid lap marks. Note: Above dry times and coverage rates are based on good ventilation, temperature of 77F and 50% relative humidity. A clear finish topcoat in a water-based formula that offers protection along with fast-drying times.
An oil-based finish that gives wood a lustre while also providing a tough layer of protection. Our Ash White Wiping Stain has a moderately thick white tone that brings out the red and purple colors of the wood. Wiping stains are applied by spraying the stain onto the product and immediately wiping off the excess material with a rag. This is an In-Stock Color Block and is available for purchase as an Individual Color Block or as part of a Color Block Set. Actual product color and detail may vary due to individual computer preferences and monitor settings.
WalzCraft sells only to Custom Cabinet Makers, Cabinet Refacers and Woodworking Professionals.
All content and images contained herein are the property of WalzCraft Industries, and cannot be used, reproduced, distributed or transmitted in any form without the express written permission of WalzCraft Industries.
Can be applied over most pre-finished floor and finishes including water stains, solvent stains, oils, french polishes and varnishes or it can be applied onto untreated floors or bare wood.

Large floor areas can be applied with a Bona Floor Mop or use Stockinette Cloth for smaller areas. A thick coat of floor waxing polish will dry within 30 minutes, a thin coat of wood floor polish will dry in around 15 mins. To achieve a deep lustre, buff the freshly applied wood floor polish with a stockinette cloth or polishing machine once dried. Very easy to use and dry in a few minutes put on 3 coates and buffed up with a bonnet on my drill.
I have always used fiddles products on floors work tops stairs doors skirting and know it will give me excellent results which I can rely on every time no if or buts . Having never buff polished our wooden floors before we were very dubious about which product we bought. Having just moved into a house with parquet flooring we chose this by recommendation on this site and would endorse that very easy to apply, dries quickly and buffed well using an electric polisher. I had no previous experience of sealing and polishing a wooden floor but this product applied using the instructions on the Wood Finishes Direct site made the job easy and with great results. Fiddes wax came highly recommended but I doubts that I'd have bought it with such confidence without the information on the WFD site. Have two oak wardrobes, sunlight through the bedroom windows has effected the wood, it seemed to have dried out. Timbercoat Clear Wood Lacquer is available for a high gloss finish with good build for tough and lasting film. Prepping the wood goes quickly, too, as abrasive sandpaper cuts this wood fast – unlike hard maple, which shares a similar density and light color. That is, unless you know some tehniques – a few of them are demonstrated in this video above.
This is one of the easiest protective finishes to apply, and it’s one of the most durable finishes readily available to consumers.
Lacquer is, arguably, easier to fix months or years down the road as the finish gets dinged and scratched.
If you don’t have spray equipment, use a cloth pad or lint-free rag folded into a pad. This sample has a reddish orange aniline dye, then a sealer, then it’s been glazed with a dark brown gel stain. Perfect wood staining technique keeps the things rolling over without any harms occurring to them! A workbench is going to get pounded, dented, scratched and gouged anyway so there’s an argument for not putting a finish on the top of a workbench at all. The Oliver Intellicarve does it all very simply, allowing you to add carvings to box lids, cabinet doors, and furniture parts. We will contact you within a few days of placing your order to inform you of the likely delivery timescale. Hidden under a 40mm-thick platter made of resonancedamping POM is a very quiet decoupled DC motor with high torque. The majority of orders are sent via our couriers'; Interlink Express on a next-day-delivery service.
The oil-based and water-based products are not compatible and they should not be mixed together. Removal of old paint by sanding, scraping or other means may generate dust or fumes that contain lead.
Then lightly sand entire surface with fine sandpaper (220 grit) to ensure an even finish and proper adhesion. Lower temperature, higher humidity, lack of ventilation or application of thick coats will extend dry time.
We highly recommend ordering an actual product sample of the species and stain color to eliminate any confusion. It's thick custard consistency makes it quick and easy to apply, drying to a clear finish which can be buffed to a high sheen. The minimum recommendation on bare floors is 2-3 coats or 1-2 coats for pre-finished floors although any number of additional coats can be applied if necessary.
These times may vary slightly depending on the environmental conditions and the type of wood being waxed.

For buffing, there are also brushes available which can be attached to an electric drill which save on elbow grease and makes the process of polishing the liquid wax floor polish much easier! Otherwise, here are some visuals and recipes for finishing beech, and each of these are shown in the video. However, they are good for creating some graceful and nuanced colors, and for ebonizing or making the wood black.
The downside to this is that it’s harder to clean up glue should any drip on to your bench from time to time.
This is a free demonstration with a factory trained representative to answer all your questions. Once your order is available for delivery we will contact you by phone to arrange a convenient delivery date and time. It is the responsibility of the customer to return the item and ensure the package has been reasonably protected in return transit. Out of stock items will be dispatched as soon as they become available, out of stock items can take between 4 to 21 days for dispatch. Smaller, low value or light-weight items are normally posted using Royal Mail Recorded or Royal Mail Special Delivery. It protects and adds beauty to interior wood surfaces such as furniture, cabinets, floors and doors. It also can be applied over Minwax® Water Based Wood Stain wood tones, provided the stain has dried completely. Exposure to lead dust or fumes may cause brain damage or other adverse health effects, especially in children or pregnant women.
It is normal to re-wax wooden floor surfaces every 12-18 months, although many people re-wax more often than this, especially in high traffic areas.
As usual, what you find here are just a few items off the big, broad menu of wood finishing.
Because it’s a thick, creamy gel that you wipe on and wipe off, you can use a foam brush or a lint-free rag to apply a coat. If you want to keep that pale, tan color of beech, this might be the finish choice for you.
When applied to bare wood, gel stain will lay a coat of pigment over the surface of the wood.
I removed all varnish and sanded a bit, and tryed to stain with a water base stain in Espesso. Wooden surfaces varying in patterns have variable effects and need different dyeing methods and type of dyes to apply. So, I’d suggest something like Watco Danish oil or boiled linseed oil if you do indeed want a finish. Controlling exposure to lead or other hazardous substances requires the use of proper protective equipment such as a properly fitted respirator (NIOSH approved) and proper containment and cleanup. Simply allow the oil to cure, then apply a your topcoat of choice – such as the gel polyurethane or spray lacquer, above.
But on a washcoat you can use the same gel stain and get a mellow color change that doesn’t obscure the wood grain as much.
I love the dark color that the espresso has but then the red tint from the alder pops out more. The product pictures show only a suggested configuration and finish of this stand as the main support rods are available in any of the 7 x custom finishes and any of the 11 x rod lengths.
Do not finish part of a surface with one topcoat and part with the other as this could result in a uneven appearance across the surface of the wood. For more information, call the National Lead Information Centre at 1-800-424-LEAD (in US) or contact your local health authority. Slight ambering may be experienced when polyurethane is applied over light-coloured wood surfaces. You’ll need to pay attention as you wipe it off, though, being sure not to rub off too much in one or more areas.

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