Penny and Luke MosbyPortrayed by:Lyndsy Fonseca (Penny), Georgina Bays (Infant Penny)[1], Kerrigan Milker (2020 Penny), Katie Silverman (2021. The premise for How I Met Your Mother is that Future Ted is telling his two children the story of how he met their mother, revealing more of the story in each episode. Their names remained unknown throughout most of the series, however it has been shown Ted wanted to name them Luke and Leia, after the two Star Wars characters. Throughout the episodes, the kids are wearing the same clothes and sitting on the same sofa, except on the pilot episode, suggesting that perhaps Future Ted's story is not taking that long to tell. They have had little dialogue since first season, most likely because of the aging of Lyndsy Fonseca and David Henrie. As shown in Trilogy Time and Last Forever - Part One, Penny was born in 2015, which makes her age about 15.
In Lobster Crawl, it is shown that Marshall and Lily took Penny to see Santa Claus as payback for Ted taking Marvin to see Santa for the first time.
In Unpause, in 2017, Ted, Tracy and Penny are on a vacation in Farhampton, staying in the Farhampton Inn, when the Mother goes into labor with Luke. In Last Forever - Part Two, Ted finally finishes telling the kids the story of how he met their mother. As of Season 8, 117 out of 184 episodes begin with the word "kids" being said by the narrator (including Robin's narration from Symphony of Illumination). On February 17, 2012, David Henrie said in an interview with the Insider that he and Lyndsy Fonseca had already filmed the series finale and additionally says, when questioned on it, that "fans would really appreciate the ending"[2].
At the 2013 San Diego Comic Con a video called Ted's Kids Like You've Never Seen Them was released to audience attending the How I Met Your Mother panel (and later the CBS website). Georgina Bays (who plays infant Penny Mosby) is the daughter of co-creator Carter Bays and his wife Denise Cox Bays. The name "Penny" may be a reference to Ted and The Mother's love for coins or the "Lucky Penny" episode. The name "Luke" is a reference to how much Ted loves the iconic "Star Wars" trilogy and one of its main character, Luke Skywalker.
Contrary to what fans initially believed, the series finale shows that both Mosby children were born before their parents got married. Throughout the entire series, Penny was referred to by name three times, however Luke was only mentioned by name once.
The scene in the finale where Ted’s kids who encourage him to go after Aunt Robin following their mother’s death was filmed back in Season 2. In How I Met Your Mother Ninth Season Promo in 2038, Penny would be 23 and Luke would be 21 if Older Ted told the story for eight years.
Phil & Teds are releasing a brand new buggy so get set for the Explorer to be unleashed into the Australian wild. Replacing the popular Phil and Teds Sport model, the Phil & Teds Explorer is set to become another legend of baby transportation.
To compare this pram with others, please have a play with our very helpful Chooser – it will be on there soon. We also have special newsletter-only offers and competitions that are exclusive to Babyology subscribers. The front seat with its five-point harness and large, sturdy sun shade (generous enough to protect both the front and rear passenger) is comfortable for an older baby or toddler or can be converted into a travel system to carry a newborn in an infant car seat. The rear area can be used as a bench with a three point belt or as a standing platform for an older toddler.
The Joovy uses sealed ball bearing wheels, which basically means you can easily maneuver the stroller even while it is carrying two passengers.
If your eldest loves to walk and just needs the occasional break, or your youngest is at least six months’ old, the Joovy Ultralight Caboose is a perfect, lightweight option for moms on the move. Joovy also makes the Big Caboose ($400), the SUV of stand on strollers (and it folds long so you may need an SUV to transport it).  The Joovy Big Caboose can carry three children, including the option of having two in infant car seats! Another stand-out in the stand-on category is the Baby Trend Sit and Stand Plus ($170), which was not tested for this review. You have to remove the Doubles Kit from the lower, rear position to fold, but you can get a fairly compact fold with the Doubles Kit in the upper, forward position (Baby and Toddler).  The stroller will stand upright when folded, which can be an advantage in restaurants and other venues with limited space. The sleek design, relatively light weight, compact fold, and added features make the Phil & Teds Dash and other buggies a great option for travel and for urban parents. For parents of newborn twins, parents looking to maximize their budget, or suburban parents who do not plan on lifting the stroller beyond taking it in and out of the trunk, the Quattro Tour Duo is an excellent choice.
Folded Joovy Ultralight Caboose (foreground), Phil & Teds Dash (shown upright with Doubles Kit attached to front), and Graco Quattro Tour Duo (background).
I have the Graco DuoGlider™ LX Stroller 7918FOR3 in Fortune™ and it is the best – this is actually the second one I bought. I’ll also follow up in the comments section once my newborn arrives with some more thoughts. Sharon–Did you use the Phil & Teds when your youngest was a newborn in the bassinet mode?

Now they still both love riding and my toddler actually loves to jump in an out of the doubles seat in the back. My son was 2 and a half when my daughter was born, and for awhile I was panicking on what I was going to do with both of them when we went out.
What I had wanted to buy was a little invention that I had seen around in shopping centres but couldnt find them to buy one. My husband and I are both tall, and want a stroller with a handle bar that adjusts in regards to height.
I bought the Phil and Teds stroller last year because I thought it would be great to have a stroller that can convert to a double but not be too long or too wide. Get a Joovy Caboose or another stroller that has the infant seat and attachment for your car seat. Our kit creates a unique keepsake of an expecting mom’s pregnancy in the privacy of her home in just 30 minutes.
I have a Sit N Stand and while it was good for a while, its hard to use with a toddler and old kids. I have a Double BOB, Maclaren Twin Techno (side by side) and now I’m considering a Joovy Caboose Ultralight. My question is, has anyone had the front seat in the Joovy Caboose Ultralight reclined while their older child seat on the bench?
This thread seems to be a little old and I am not certain anyone is still following it but I did have a varying opinion on the Phil & Ted double stroller. With an herb grinder-pollenator or pollenator you can save the hashish resin from your marijuana and eventually make hash from the saved resin. Internet Movie Poster Awards - Featuring one of the largest collections of movie poster images on the web.
The son and daughter appear to be in their early to mid-teens in the year 2030, which is when Ted sits the kids down to tell them the story.
After the shows were picked up by the network they probably made changes in sets to make a nicer home for future Ted but did not re-shoot the pilot episode. Penny figures out that the reason Ted told them that story was so they could understand how much Ted also loved their Aunt Robin. 8 months later, On October 19, 2012, Lyndsy Fonseca said in an interview with The Huffington Post, in response to the question "Do you have any hunches on who the mother is?", she says "there was a time when we were told who it was and to never give the information out"[3]. This video shows the kids (Lyndsy Fonseca and David Henrie) grown up in 2038, eight years since Ted first started talking to the kids about how he met their mother in Pilot.
Tracy mentions in the series finale that she and Ted can't get married in September, because she wants to fit into her dress.
The Phil and Teds Explorer takes multifunctional to the extreme with seven modes for transporting babies and children!
You can choose the Peanut Bassinet ($179) and, for the first time, you have the option of a travel system – the Explorer supports some brands of baby capsules. Phil and Teds have revolutionised the fold on this buggy and now you can indulge in a one-hand fold and one-hand seat recline. Also available are the storm and sun covers for both single and double mode ($35 – $70), and a travel bag ($89). And larger families are gaining visibility as well, from the Jolie-Pitts to the Duggars.  So, I also anticipate seeing more double strollers.
Mostly I wore my first born in a sling and I’ve seen the beautiful pictures of people babywearing twins, multiples, and even a baby and a toddler (impressive, huh?). At under 21 lbs, it is the lightest tandem option currently on the market.  It was relatively easy to assemble, with clear instructions.
Unfortunately, the same can be said about the instructions, which occasionally left us confused.  Still, my husband had the stroller together in under a half an hour. Pop out the Doubles Kit and add the LazyTed and you have an infant bouncy seat or toddler seat. The rear seat is elevated so the younger child can still have a good view.  Each seat has its own canopy, allowing you to create the most comfortable arrangement for each child.
It fits through all doors, aisles, etc, reclines fully so that it’s suitable for newborns. It handles just as well as the single strollers, the baby carrier can get strapped to the backseat, and best of all: if my infant is riding, my 3YO has to ride, which keeps him where I can see and handle him. It was this little platform with wheels on it that clipped onto the back of a normal stroller for the older child to stand on and just get pushed around -instead of walking- that way. I rode Emily’s behind forever to get her to change her name to a live link so people could find her.
I am expecting our second son any day now and I am really excited to be able to use it with both of them.
Another option would be just to get a buggy board and attach it to the back of your current single stroller for your older child to stand on. No mixing of messy materials is required and the end result is a perfect 3D memento of an expecting mom’s beautiful pregnant form.

The kids are shown to be furious at Ted for being stuck sitting on the couch for eight years and for getting off topic on the story. This means Tracy will be close to, if not, nine months pregnant, placing Penny's birth between September and December of 2015. When baby grows into a toddler, simply use as a single pram and when baby brother or sister arrives, slip into doubles mode using the famous Phil and Teds doubles kit, which now has a sunhood. However, I can easily imagine scenarios in which a double stroller would be a helpful piece of gear not only for me on longer excursions, but also my husband and the grandparents.
I also own the Graco stand on double stroller (I can’t seem to find a picture of it, I have had it for 3 years now!)And that one is actually alot harder to drive but I keep it because it is useful when one of the bigger kids gets tired of walking. When the baby was a newborn I would put the stroller in the bassinet position and he would just sleep while my toddler rode in the doubles seat above him, as shown the picture. Some older toddlers are fine with standing because they don’t like the seat and are good about staying near mom. In the name of full disclosure I am a grandparent using this but I am not sure it matters except that I am past caring if something looks stylish. The footwell is now covered by a hardy plastic cover as seen on the Dash model and the main seat’s sunhood has inbuilt pockets. I like that it keeps my drink cool (after all, I’m the one doing all the hard work pushing) and plenty of room to store keys, a cell phone, and other items. So we are a 2 double stroller family (We have considered to get a triple stoller since the new baby is coming but I think that will just enable to two older ones to want to be pushed around for a while longer and they are gettign too big for the stand on stroller anyways! I’d be curious about your thoughts as to whether or not it is an improvement over the DuoGlider.
It is very easy to maneuver (same as our single, umbrella style strollers) and has the advantage that neither child has to sit behind the other. Also, I just got the travel system for our peg-perego carseat and installed it, and for the life of me I do not understand why you can’t use that AND the doubles seat on the back.
I take it hiking, jogging, to the parks, zoos, amusement parks and it is so comfy for both my kids.
The Explorer is also more friendly to your feet with a new pedal brake system easily engaged with a flick of your foot. My daughter still feels like the big sister because she can stand on the back and look at Zackary. We started using it as a single when I was 7 months’ pregnant with our second boy, and then right after our second was born, he started enjoying the gently swaying bassinet while his rambunctious brother rode up front. I think you can do it just by going into the accounts section at BabyCenter and then pasting your blog link in there. The Sit’n Stand comes with a full seat that converts to a bench seat when your oldest is even bigger. BUT, the Maclaren Twin Techno, although very narrow and able to fit into any standard doorway (really, it does), the seats are more shallow (than the BOB) and the kids are really squished side by side. I wish there was a rental program where we could test-drive each stroller for a week before we have to buy one. She tells me all the time that the big kids don’t have to sit in the baby stroller, they jsut go on the back.
Now they fight over both seats and always enjoy riding in it even now that they are 4 and 2. My son is only 10 months but he’s just so active these days and ends up hitting his sister a lot. The tires need air too often creating a chore that anyone with two babies 11 months apart do not need. She tells me when he spits up or if he’s crying because she constantly watches him when we walk. It won’t fold with the second seat installed meaning you have to put your children in the car and then take the blasted thing apart before folding it to put in the car. Plus, my daughter (the older one) likes to walk a lot more now but also tires after a while.
And someone already mentioned that the child in the back is way too close to spinning wheels with spokes. We bought an ancient Jeep tandem stroller second hand, and while it is not the easiest to steer, it is easy to fold, the kids both sit comfortably with the child in the back slightly HIGHER than the one in the front so he can see easily. It has a little steering wheel for the front seater to play with, a basket and cup holders for any junk. It solves problems and does not create any and gives both kids comfort for riding and napping.

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