Recording Studio Furniture Gallery: Custom Mixing Desks by Sound Construction and Supply Inc. Overall, this small studio apartment interior has spacious living area, and with red interior elements, the interior really warmth and cozy. The elevated structure of bed on the sofa area really cool; saving space and create new perspective of interior design.
It could be the entertainment center and you could organize the rest of the furniture around it.

You can better delimitate the space using an area rug.View in galleryAs for the kitchen and dining area, the two can be connected.
If you’d rather not waste space with a dining table, you can opt for a bar or a kitchen island.
Another option is to use curtains to hide and separate the sleeping area from the rest of the space.View in galleryView in gallery View in galleryOffer each space and function a focal point. For example, the kitchen can have an eye-catching backsplash, the living area can have an interesting coffee table or a quirky lamp, etc.View in galleryTo save space in a studio apartment, you need to organize the furniture just right.

It’s best to try several options, make sketches and measurements and choose the best option.

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