Description: We were inspired by other Expedit bed hacks, specifically this one and decided to make a Queen Platform bed. Did you make any ventilation holes in the plywood support to allow damp in the mattress to evaporate and prevent mildew? I looked at the ikea site and don’t find the unit with 5 shelves or the other ones you used.
For those of you building this bed - I've done some research on the Pottery Barn Stratton bed, and many people have complained that it can create mildew under the mattress because the mattress sits on the benches.
When I built this bed over a year ago, I went to a local furniture store and the sales lady told me that she has never heard of a mildew problem on mattresses used on platform beds. It depends where you live – I used to live in Juneau, AK, where everything mildewed, and now live in Albuquerque, NM, where it's almost unheard of. I am sooo excited to try this, I have been wanting new bedroom furniture but didn't think I could afford what I wanted but this looks like a great solution!!!Wow, that was a really long sentence, lol!

I have wanted a copy of the stratton bed for 2-3 years and hubby refuses to help me build anything without a detailed set of plans. The easiest way to modify the plans for a full size would be to make the daybed version, but wider. The king drawers are the same as the queen, just a little wider to accomodated the longer bench on the bottom. My daughter moved into an apartment and we needed to have more storage as well as a nice size bed.
If you choose to save a little by buying MDF, you need to spend a little extra for special screws. Fasten the back (shown in blue, piece A) to the sides (shown in green, pieces B) as shown above. Fasten the top of the bench, C (shown in purple above) by nailing or screwing through the top of C into the ends of A and B (shown in blue and green above).

You may wish to sand and paint or stain the bed first, then move into your room, and then fully assemble. We attached a continuous hinge to the 2 pieces of 60×40 plywood, so that she can have storage under the bed as well. Wed don't have a box spring for our bed and I've been looking for a good platform bed but they're so spendy. I was looking at the picture for the stratton bed and there are some hutches to the left and right of the bed.

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