Our staff is dedicated to helping you find exactly what you need for each and every project that you have in mind. From bits, to blades, to hand tools and many more, we have the supplies to support the discriminating woodworker. Bring in your questions and designs to take advantage of our Custom Cutting and Residential Door Services.
Since we are located in the heart of San Jose, we're easily accessible from I-280, Highway 101 and Route 87. We support ecologically sound forestry practices including sourcing from FSC® certified & recycled and salvaged sources. ABOUT WEST WINDWe pride ourselves in providing fine lumber, wood flooring products and European-quality wood finishes; offering friendly, efficient service to our wide range customers. Get all our updates on Specials, New Arrivals and informative articles for all wood lovers.
Specialty Woods unique custom solid wood conference tables are designed in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes; your choices of hardwoods. Impact Washington Visit our online directory of Washington manufacturers and research the incredible products made in our state. Impact Washington’s mission is to improve manufacturing performance in Washington, and we do that by helping companies identify opportunities to increase a company’s value. My blog post yesterday about small scale logging reminded me of a related business milling hard to find specialty woods for woodworkers.

This type of business would work particularly well where there’s an abundance of valuable hardwoods. Hundreds or thousands of blowdowns like this are often available after ice storms and wind storms.
Urban Hardwoods uses trees that died due to disease, weather damage or have to be removed due to hazard.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. From Basswood to Western Maple and everything in between you’ll find something to make your next piece. Whether building kitchen cabinets, boats or airplanes; or hand carving and whittling, no project is too large or small. With our tables we offer solid wood border inlays and inlaid corporate logos, constructed from hand selected 100% absolutely solid wood boards. Click GO, fill out the form and a member of our team will be in touch with you as soon as possible. These woods command a premium price, but often are not commercially available due to scarcity or difficulty of obtaining adequate supplies. You and a friend with just one or two good chainsaws and a truck (and trailer for large logs) could get the wood for free or very low cost by removing blowdowns after storms. Our custom-run Douglas-fir, Domestic Cherry and Walnut floors area great way to add a unique, upscale look and feel at budget pricing.

We utilize the finest woodworking techniques with the utmost attention to every detail and joinery skills known in the industry. Even though the trees may have considerable value, many people will be more concerned about clearing their driveways and roads in a hurry than about the money. We use a hand rubbed natural oil finish on our tables to achieve that lustrous deep finish. One drawback though is many trees near houses have nails and other types of metal embedded in the wood. You could build up a client base and mill the wood to their specs or cut standard dimensions.
To get an idea of the profit potential, visit a specialty woodworker’s supply store in a major city (or check online catalogs) to see the eye-popping prices being charged for specialty hardwoods. And as mentioned in a previous blog post, you might be able to cut a deal with tree trimming companies. You’d likely have to buy the best logs and haul them away, but this could still be profitable.

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