The cottage decorating and design featured here showcases the interior of a charming farmhouse style cottage. SugarBerry Cottage A wasA  designed A by Moser Design Group exclusively for Southern Living House Plans. Upon closer inspection, the dinnerware display is appropriately centered on the wall adjacent to the dining area. Rows of open shelving used to display glassware flank the tall, sunny win-dow above the kitchen sink. A small powder room or half bath features a ceramic or porcelain sink bowl resting upon a curved wood vanity shelf with a natural finish. The cottage decorating in the main level master bedroom features a simple four poster bed and a casual rattan chair with cushions for seating.
The second upper level bedroom also features country cottage decor, A in-cluding twin cannonball beds .
Year-round lake living nearby Atlanta, Charlotte and all your favorite southeast destinations. BMW Charity Pro-Am (May 19-22, 2016)Click for info on amateur playing spots, volunteer opportunities, and tickets. Plan your Real Estate Discovery VisitExplore the mountain-fresh waters of Lake Keowee from our Village Guest House. Lauren has been with The Reserve at Lake Keowee since 2003 and currently serves as the Director of Communication. The hall is decked and the sweet smells of holiday goodies fill the room as residents of Bridgeview Estates filter in. The Idaho Old Time Fiddlers perform holiday favorites to the approval of a toe-tapping audience. The elderly’s eyes light up as much as the children’s when Santa Claus enters the room, giving out hugs and candy canes to everyone in sight.
The Bridgeview Estates Christmas party was just one of over 300 appearances Larry made as Kris Kringle last season.
1997 Southern Living Idea House, Chestnut Hill combines the relaxed exterior of a mountain retreat with an open and modern floor plan. Less Can Be More Oftentimes in new construction, cost estimates are determined by square footage. DISCLAIMER: Southern Living makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, with respect to the builders, building materials, or products featured on this web site or the homes built or materials or products used by the builders. 7 cups chicken stock ( You can also substitute the chicken stock for the pan drippings if you are also cooking a Thanksgiving turkey. In a large bowl, combine crumbled cornbread, dried white bread slices, and crackers; set aside.
Pour mixture into a greased pan and bake until dressing is cooked through, about 45 to 60 minutes.
With the style of a glossy, the substance of a journal and the eye of an event planner – we have it all.
We found out from talking to the Southern Living folks that the house was in a state of ruin when it was bought and moved next door to a new foundation.  The farmhouse was restored and added on to and now it’s ready for the 21st century. The party was to celebrate the partnership of Southern Living and Ballard Designs new tabletop collection, which was highlighted at the event.
Are you ready?  You know I always take a ton of pics and as usual, I’ll have to split this up in 2 parts.

A large sign listing sponsors is outside on the corner.   The little town of Senoia, GA is where the house is located. The house sits on a pretty corner all picturesque and stately.  Very Southern, don’t you think? The coffee table looked artfully arranged, but almost as if someone could sit right down and be at home. This hardware seems to be easy to find now and I’d love to find an old door and do this on my closet door instead of the bifolds.
So, Micah from Old Try, the Southern team behind these cute vintage typography signs, stopped by to tell me the meaning of this one.
What an awesome day that must have been Rhoda hanging out in this ridiculously gorgeous house!
Rhoda I happen to find you one evening a few months ago during one of my searches for a decorating item and have been hooked ever since. Wondered if you could email me your location in Atlanta since I just live west of there and definitely want to attempt to come help paint the next time you have a gathering to do so. I have a nice, large home, but boy, is it ever stuck in the early 90’s decorating style. Thanks so much for sharing this charming home with me…I always love seeing there homes and this one is so my style. Love love love the porch (I do wish they had done a round column instead of the square, but it is still very pretty), but I am a bit disappointed in the interior. We’ve made our top picks of Decorated Christmas Trees for 2012 from Southern Living Magazine. Above, a table top Christmas tree decorated in lime green and brushed gold – a very calming color combination. Southern Living Magazine says, “The trick to keeping this graphic look punchy, not ho-hum, is choosing the right shade of green. Below, set in a beatiful white urn, a white Christmas tree is decorated in tones of turquoise blue and sea foam green. It’s the annual Christmas party, and the residents of the Twin Falls assisted living center are surrounded by their children and grandchildren, all basking in jolly anticipation. Then, as the fiddlers play “Here Comes Santa Claus,” a gale of “Ho-ho-ho!” echoes through the hall. Santa Claus, has been delivering much more than candy canes and presents to southern Idaho.
He has all the physical traits, right down to the soft blue eyes that twinkle when he talks about the precious children he meets.
The 2,500 candy canes that he distributes each year come with the Christmas story or a Bible verse printed on them. The main living areas are toward the rear of the house, where large windows provide magnificent views to the outdoors. Southern Living expressly disclaims any implied representations and warranties, including any made by builders, manufacturers, or others, and is not liable for, and does not endorse the accuracy of, any express or implied representations made by builders, manufacturers, or others. Lori Rubottom Karimi lives in Stockholm but grew up in Arkansas, where she experienced gorgeous Southern cooking. I really like the cabinets and the different pictures especially the grouping on the fireplace. I’m sure there are times you get tired of schlepping your camera and taking all these pictures for us, but be assured, we appreciate ya!

I never thought I would be interested in anything zombie ish..but I heard so many raves about it, my husband and I gave it a shot and we are hooked!
This one gets our vote as the best of the Decorated Christmas Trees SouthernLiving has to offer for 2012. While she ventured off to the University of South Carolina in Columbia for a degree in Marketing and Communications, she never lost sight of come back home to the foothills. His beard started turning white in his 30s and his hearty, yet tender, voice puts the icing on the gingerbread house.
Three stents, three angiograms and several angioplasties later, Larry’s ticker keeps going.
Some of his most memorable visits are when someone sponsors Christmas for a less-fortunate family and asks him to do the delivery. The family room is enhanced by a vaulted ceiling and three sets of French doors that open onto the rear deck.
In no event shall Southern Living be liable for any indirect, special, incidental, consequential or punitive damages, economic loss, damage to property, and damages for personal injury. Here, she shares her wonderful Thanksgiving recipes that have been passed down in her family from mother to daughter. I promise you that no one ever left hungry and you always looked forward to the left overs.
Pour the vegetable mixture over cornbread mixture. Add the stock, mix well, taste, and add salt, pepper to taste, sage, and poultry seasoning.
I have been drooling over those Southern Living items since I saw them in the Ballards catalog.And you should definitely go with those cabinets, Rhoda. To keep the holiday look fresh and bright, all-white ornaments were chosen for their modern feel and bold contrast. For the past 5 years, Larry’s last stop has been to Dan and Jennifer Brizee’s home, where he quietly delivers presents to their two children while they sleep.
Last year his heart passed its first stress test in 10 years and his diabetes are in check.
I haven’t spilled this yet, but I’m leaning heavily towards getting these cabinets myself in my new house. I need to go visit this house the next time I’m over in Atlanta to visit our families. The parents take pictures and videotape to show their kids in the morning that Santa had been there. But as expenses grew, Larry began charging minimal fees to help with costs of travel and a new costume. Throw in a pair of knee replacements in 2006 and Santa can now have kids sit on his knees, pain-free.
But this farmhouse is so much more my style now rather then these oriental rugs, mahagony furniture, and endless brass fixtures I have everywhere.
But I think that would change if a family moved in and warmed it up a bit with their personal items. Retired since 1991, Larry uses his Santa earnings to help support his wife and 9-year-old grandson, who he has guardianship over while the boy’s mother serves our country in Iraq.

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