Solid Aluminum Patio Cover An aluminum patio can be made to look like wood at a fraction of the cost.  It’s the most affordable patio cover when comparing to wood or vinyl. Wood Patio Cover The option for a solid or lattice patio cover is available with wood patio covers as well.
Patio covers not only provide great shelter from the rain during the winter months, but also from the heat and sun during the scorching hot months of summer.
This way you can sit outside even if it’s raining and you’ll be fully shielded from the rain.

A beautiful Alumawood solid patio cover can provide that patio retreat you are looking for. With the number of color choices and size variations available there is an enormous range of design possibilities. He was on-time, professional, Honest, and got the job done right even before the completion date stated on contract. The ceiling fan will create a bit of circulation when it’s hotter outside and the light will brighten up the space so you could enjoy your night out longer!

The serviceman did not leave till he checked to make sure everything was exactly as I wanted it to be.

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