For the back of the kiln, at the moment, Mountain Man is using a tarp which he designed to roll up and down.  He's going to build actual doors for it. If you have a question regarding a Knowledge Base article, your best chance at uncovering an answer is to search the entire Knowledge Base for related articles or to post your question at the appropriate WOODWEB Forum. When you post your question at the Forum, be sure to include references to the Knowledge Base article that inspired your question.
I'm also open to other suggestions (come on Scott, I know you can offer something here!) so all input is welcome. I need to find a source that I can "pick-up" as the freight on this stuff will eat you alive! You can also keep an eye out for a used greenhouse for sale on either craigslist or the NC Agricultural Review. So I figured it was just this one guy and he not knowing what he was doing so I found another guy hauled my trailer over 2 hours to his solar although this time it was maple instead of oak. What went into those solar kilns was just as good if not better than what I take to Scott to dry and have not had any problems like this from Scott or his dehumidification kiln.
If your serious about a solar kiln, figure out some way to regulate the temperature even if it means throwing something over the roof to prevent the sun from beating down on your collector and building up excessive heat in the the chamber.
I don't think I would ever consider placing fresh cut green lumber in a solar kiln after my experiences.
I do know that even laying a fresh cut board like oak in the direct sunlight during the summer will cause it to surface check and possibly split in no time flat, because the sun dries it to fast. You may want to call Brian Bond of VT directly, he is a pleasant to work with and quite helpful. Jack if I had to put my thoughts about kilns men into single sentence it would be something like Kiln Drying Lumber is where Science and Art meet at the headwaters of Experience. I went to a building salvage yard and purchased old reclaimed windows from various demolition jobs. Somewhere here, I have a set of the Wood magazine solar kiln plans, along with the original article. I have just been given a clear 8' long, 36+" diameter American elm tree trunk from my neighbor. By subscribing to the RSS feed you will be notified when new entries are posted on this blog. I’m anxious to hear how well it works and how long it takes to get the moisture down to the desired level. I was thinking of using some budget ratchet straps to keep the boards from moving too much. I just priced out the clear corrugated fiberglass roofing, and it will be around $100 for the higher grade material.
With the corrugated fiberglass roofing included in the total cost, I will be up to about $450. DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ. Here is the solar kiln based on the forest Mizer solar kiln Plans for solar kilns for drying Sir Henry Wood for indium preparation for a lot of free plans for solar powered wood drying kilns to reduce. For figured, thick, prized or check-prone wood, it’s best to start the drying process with the vents closed. I added a couple of remote sensors in the middle of the stack so I could tell when the wood was dry without having to open the kiln (Photo 5). When you’re done stacking your green wood, attach a plastic sheet to the bottom of the fan plenum and drape it over the stack (Fig. Run an extension cord from the outdoor timer to the fan through a hole drilled in a side panel (Fig. Home Centers,  Fiberglass roofing panels, treated lumber, treated plywood and insulation. American Woodworker magazine was acquired by F+W Media (parent company of Popular Woodworking) in 2014. In order to measure the moisture content of lumber during drying, it is impractical to weight every board in the dryer and electric meters are not accurate enough.
Cut a 30-inch (76 cm) sample board and then two 1-inch (2.5 cm) moisture sections from the sample board, avoiding areas near knots and areas closer than 12-inches (30 cm) from the ends of the lumber. Place sample board in the lumber stack in a location where it will dry at the same rate as the rest of the lumber in the dryer. After the sections are dry ? usually 18 to 36 hours depending on the oven ? reweigh and obtain the oven-dry weight.
Calculate the moisture content of each section separately and then average the MC of the two sections to obtain the estimated MC of the sample board when it was cut (step 2). Estimate the oven dry weight of the sample board using the average MC from step 10 and weight from step 5. Write the estimated OD weight on the sample board (when it is weighed the next time) so that this number is readily available. Occasionally it is necessary to cut new sample boards when the lumber is at 20% MC to obtain more accurate MC values (that is, to make a mid-course correction).
There are scores of dry kilns around the country made of shipping containers and sometimes reefer truck bodies.

Hi Don,I found a insulated trailer on the internet looks like it might be one that may work, the price is $3,950.00. Linda and I custom saw NHLA Grade Lumber, do retail sales, and provide Kiln Services full time. Luke, a friend of mine out here on West Coast purchased a 42' stainless steel refer trailer for around $4,000.
Well the TK isnt running yet, we cant get the motor to run, but we are still working on it. ElectricAl, really nice setup, what is the track made of, it looks like regular railroad track? That's why we want you to save money and trees by subscribing to GRIT through our automatic renewal savings plan.
The more information you provide with your question, the better your chances are of receiving responses.
I had 15 clear sheets of 12' long polycarbonate but I gave it away to a friend who wanted to use it for sky lights in a barn he is building.
Same thing happened, each and every board was so crook and twisted they were unusable and not only that most of them looked like they exploded they were split so bad.
Personally I think a solar kiln gets too hot and the lumber that's in there looses to much moisture in one day and literally explodes. I don't know an effective way to do this, specifically in the summer when temperatures hover around 100 degrees and humidity is high, vents are only so effective. It seems like air drying to around 15% then "polishing off" in a solar kiln might be the way to go? The top is now weathertight, with the exception of the 2nd layer of plastic that is to go on the bottom of the frame, and the baffle with a fan installed .
Have you thought about a clamp system to lock the lumber so it dosn’t warp and twist.
Here in Illinois the next few months are going to be gloomy and cold…the disadvantage of a solar kiln when the sun refuses to shine for 10 days straight.
That’s not too bad, considering the money I will save in not having to buy my hardwood from a supplier anymore. The overall length is angstrom morsel concluded A discussion of various solar kiln plans and kits.
Hobbies are an amazing way to passing time forgather multitude see new things and have fun. I have managed to obtain green wood at a lumberyard at a fraction of the price of dry wood. Because the wood is protected from the elements, this solar kiln offers more control with much less chance of defects than air-drying provides. This keeps the humidity in the kiln from dropping too quickly and slows the drying process.
The big pile of green wood in front cost the same as the tiny pile of kiln-dried wood behind me. To prepare a base for the kiln, I leveled treated landscape timbers on a bed of river rock in my backyard. Therefore, we used the sample board method to estimate the moisture of the lumber in the kiln.
You were talking about installing the kiln fans, about how high off the floor do the fans have to be?
The concrete in the old warehouse was too thin (4") so they cut it into manageable pieces and carried them outside where they still sit.
We may part out the old kiln and build two or three small chambers in the current saw shop. By paying now with a credit card, you save an additional $5 and get 6 issues of GRIT for only $14.95 (USA only).
Jack please please don't get me wrong for what I'm about to say, I'm only trying to save you some expense by sharing my experiences and understanding. The weather is starting to cool off, so I am not too worried about things going sour on me.
A fellow mill owner and I have been trying to come up with some plans for somthing that will dry 500 to 1000 board feet.
I run a little DH kiln so I can dry all year (cost about $300 to make, home made deal) Good luck and keep us updated for sure.
I would hate to have the plastic sheathing that’s on there now tear in the middle of winter.
The red elm in the kiln cost $65 to mill, the gas to get it to the mill and back was $60, and the kiln was $450, for a total of $575 for 250 boardfeet of 16-19” wide elm boards. The moisture afterward visiting the sawmill which had two 2 solar kilns and rereading the VT plans I realised that the fans should be installed inside the kiln to recirculate the.
That's why atomic number 53 was so thrilled to distinguish type A dim-witted solar kiln developed aside Dr.
Insulation in the walls and floor helps the kiln retain heat, which helps speed the drying process. They are closed toward the end of the drying process to help maximize heat and get the wood down to the target 8 percent MC.

I got there and as we were pulling the boards out of his solar kiln and loading them on my trailer. Another thing may be to figure out how to supply supplemental heat on those days when it's raining or cloudy.
I have cut and air dryed 3800 to 4500 foard feet in the last three years on his mill and in my expereance there needs to at least be some weight on top to keep the boards stable. VIRGINIA TECH 750 TO 1000 BD FT KILN These plans constitute the current purpose from Virginia Tech. After the majority of the moisture is out of the wood, which usually takes a week or two, go ahead and shut the vents to maximize the temperature.
Corrugated roofing manufacturers offer various solutions to this problem, such as wood strips cut to match the undulating roofline or strips of foam that conform to the corrugations.
Attach a wire to each nail with alligator clips and run them out a hole in the side of the kiln.
The "wet weights" in steps 10 and 11 are the weights determined after the sample and new section are sawn.
The cart takes up at least 10" so if you can get a High Cube oru railroad container (which are larger than ship containers) do that.
Finally the company decided to land fill the pieces and called a crane service for a price.
USDA Forest Service State and Private Forestry Forest Products Utilization Technical Report No 7. They looked looked like a bunch of twisted dried up snakes, never had I seen so much drying defect in my life out of a batch of lumber. Constant changes in temperature and humidity has got to be bad for the lumber trying to dry in a solar kiln.
The solar kiln described indium this publication was designed constructed and Plans for the older and larger solar kiln kits kiln are usable for download Click here to download an article on WOOD's solar kiln programme. Instead iodin have axerophthol connect to an article that in it states that plans are usable for that was inwards 1994.
To increase the insulating value of the roof, I also stapled clear 6-mil-thick plastic sheeting on the underside of the roof frame. Stickers create a gap between each layer so hot air can be driven through the stack by the fan. Generally, because the wettest lumber in the kiln has the highest risk of degrade development, the sample boards should represent the wettest lumber in the dryer; this means the lumber that is the most recently cut, is the widest and thickest, contains the heartwood, and is quartersawn. Try to get a high cube container because they are 18" higher and you need that space for fans. I don't know where you are, but you should be able to find a high cube reefer delivered to your yard for $3000-4000.. Now it sits on gravel.We bought some spare kiln carts from another local sawmill and then made our own rail system. 1977 solar kilns: feasibility of utilizing solar energy for drying lumber in developing countries.
There truly was not a single board that I would have thought about selling to someone, I ended up unloading it into a big pile and put a match to it. After the kiln is loaded, all that’s required is some minimal vent adjusting while the wood dries. New Mexico Energy Research and Development Institute, University of New Mexico (Albuquerque). We are in Maine and I recently had a very nice railroad container delivered to us from Montreal for $3500. During the day, the kiln heats up and the fan comes on to circulate hot air through the stack.
You may find it’s easiest to simply leave the vents closed all the time for thick or hard-to-dry wood. Iv’e squared boards after drying and still had color show through and it was sound to the end. Moisture is drawn from the wood into the air and is vented outside through the vents or leaks out naturally through the kiln’s joints and seams. We normally recommend one 16" fan every 8' of lenght for DH kilns and one every 5-6 feet for conventional kilns.
The carts roll with two people.Inside the chamber are 8 - 3550cfm fans, and 2 custom built hot water heat exchangers. The stack of lumber will be 4' wide (no more) and in a high cube container, you can load about 4000-5000 BF. Eugene Wengert, an extension forest products specialist at the University of Wisconsin–Madison.
The surface of the wood gets wet and cool, relieving any drying stresses that built up during the day. Neighbor offers us one if I will set the other one in his creek with the wheel loader.Nice neighbor.Enjoy the story?

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