The whole assembly sits on a foundation - an upholstered box made to look like a box spring. Full Size Softside Waterbed Mattress Only Our full size tube waterbed is a great choice for sleeping. The size of our full waterbed is 54 inches x 75 inches, which is the size of a normal full size bed.

That means you can use your full size sheets and mattress pads on this bed if you have them! Features: 3 inch thick convoluted foam topper with quilting Cover zips all the way off 4 inch foam border around edge of the bed The bed includes the mattress, tubes (7 water tubes for a full size, you provide the water), a liner and a three inch thick comfort foam pad that resides inside of the mattress and over the water tubes.
Temperature wise, this tube waterbed will seem like a regular mattress, needing no additional heat.

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