I have a French Cleat Tool Storage System in my shop that makes moving all my tool storage items super easy when I want to reconfigure things.
This guide will show you how to make a guest book picture frame.The idea is to have guests sign the little hearts (or similar item) and drop them into the open top of the frame. Headed for a tailgate, a concert in the park or just an evening of visiting with the neighbors, it is always nice to bring along your beverage of choice to sample during the event. This project explores the use of plywood to make mechanical, decorative, and structural parts.
I noticed that my 3 year old Son always gravitated toward the playhouses whenever we went to a big playground. Made for a class project, this Instructable will tell you step by step the process we used to make this xylophone. If you have a shop vacuum you know how the suction drops off as the filter gets clogged with dust. This page details the step by step construction of a 36 inch model of the Starship USS Enterprise from the original Star Trek series. A band clamp lets you clamp many different shapes for gluing that would be difficult to pull together with just standard bar or pipe clamps. The No.5 'Jack' hand plane can be used for a number of tasks (scrubbing, dimensioning, shooting, and smoothing, to name four) but to perform really well at all of these, most planes will need a little tuning.
This box has mitered corner joinery that can easily be made on the tablesaw and reinforced with splines. Before I even realised the 2x4 competition was going on, I had a spare 2x4 and had been watching far too many of Paul Sellers' woodworking videos, which had filled my head with delusions of being a proper woodworker. I wanted to see if it was possible to build a box like this, with all its tight clearances, using mostly 2x4 material.I'm happy to say, while difficult, it can be done. Getting accuracy and performance out of your table saw is dependent on how well you have it tuned and calibrated. I built this desktop organizer caddy to keep all the small parts and electronics components I've been collecting for my tinker area.
If you have spent any time in the lumber section of a home center, you have probably seen people digging through piles of 2x4s, pulling out one at a time, and peering down its length to determine its quality. Hi, this is my first Instructable and it's about how to make your own individual ukulele mainly from ordinary wood, found in an ordinary wood shop.
Last Christmas I gave my family printed photo books, filled with photos I had taken that year.
Find information on topics such as shipping, order tracking, returns, exchanges, warranties, international orders & more. I have found that often a laptop battery pack that has been discarded as bad as a laptop power source is still usable as a power source for other projects. This instructable is intended to help you learn how to rebuild a front wheel hub on any bicycle. After a while your cranks will begin to creak, Its inevitable, like the sun rising and people in minivans talking on their cell phones while driving. I am learning more about bicycle maintenance by practicing on my own bike.  Last night my bike broke, I was pedaling, but the bike wasn't moving! A great thing to do on a sunny Sunday afternoon after a good bike ride, maybe beforehand, then you'll have something to do after that aswell.
The problem with most spin bikes is that there is no cadence function and you have to calculate cadence by counting your pedal strokes (which I find irritating).

This Instructable will show you how to modify your push bike with a small motor so you wont have to pedal as much and look a whole load cooler! In this instructable I'll show you how to build a wireless intercom for short-range two-way communication. When I designed the Semester hextube bamboo bike for HERObike a few years ago, I was frustrated with the costs of components- wheels, tires, chainset, saddle- everything!
After a couple of years of putting it off, I finally decided to build my very own bike trail in my yard.
If you need an allen wrench in a pinch, you can use this trick to tide you over until you find a real one. Puncture vine (tribulus terrestris), also known as goat head thorns (The photo is from Google Images), is a big problem for bicyclists in several parts of the United States and also in a number of other parts of the world. Bike Maintenence: Put a bike chain back on after it falls off and prevent it from happening again! I'm sure almost everyone of you out there who has a bike have had the chain come off once or twice when you were riding. Do you have an older full-suspension mountain bike whose front suspension fork is a little tired? The first thing yer going to need to do is have a bike that you want to try this project with. This is my first instruct able, so please remember that I am only trying to share an idea that I found to do the task I needed.I needed a light weight trailer that was strong enough to carry a variety of different loads, without a lot of maintenance.
It is an unfinished wood 18 inches bar stool that is made of parawood and it is ready to finish. Good looking bar stool which is a perfect sit for residential usage which is highly practical and convenient. The set of two counter stools in antique walnut finish, made from solid wood is a great solution when you need extra space for guests or just for yourself.
This Opulent 13-Inch Round Barstool Cushion with Drawstring Yoke is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Contemporary dining set including counter height table and matching bar stools with comfortably saddled seats.
Round, tufted barstool cushion filled with latex foam - more resilient than standard polyester filling - covered with jeans blue corduroy-resembling fabric. This practical 2-Piece Dining Chair Set designed in antique style gives you the opportunity to improve your decor. This set consists of two bar stools - they have been made of solid wood and feature an espresso finish that will mesmerize your eyes.
24 inch high professional guitarist's stage stool finished with commercial grade black upholstery vinyl. Stylish and functional, this 3-Piece Breakfast Set is consisted of 1 bar table and 2 bar stools.
This stylish woodev table with cappuccino finishing is great piece to yours dining room or kitchen. A breakfast kitchen set including 3 pieces: a table and 2 stools with wooden seats and arched backs.
A set of two bar stools in the amazing dark walnut finish that instantly warm up your interior style, while the design is exceptionally sturdy and reliable. Contemporary style bar stools with non swivel square seats and interesting detail: natural water hyacinth woven upholstery in chocolate coloring, with irregular trim.

Round stool cushion made from cotton with adjustable yoke that fits most of the bar stools. Walnut counter stool - just what i need for my bar seeing as all my bar stools have broken. Looking around, it became obvious that I wouldn't be able to buy what I wanted - I couldn't even find any instructables that came close. Originally I designed it for art supplies, but as I started to work on it, I thought it would be just perfect as a travel box for hand tools. It is traditionally done using simple carving tools to make an unbroken chain from one solid piece of wood.
It was a wonderful gift, but it meant having to buy several photo books from a professional printing company, and this wasn't cheap. On this instructable you will see how to build a simple contactless dynamo for powering a bike safety light from a relay coil and some hard drive magnets. If you ride in muddy conditions this might happen even faster Its fairly easy to stop the creak with about 45 minutes of work. Biking without good brakes is a hazard for you and others around you and you can't do those cool drifts you know you love (At least I do :D). It's aimed for someone building their first few frames who is unable to invest the time or money into a full framebuilding jig. I had seen a bunch of wooden pallet bike racks here and around the web - of varying levels of effort, execution.
Singlespeeds and fixed gear bikes are quick and fun, but cumbersome and expensive to travel with.
I made mine using a really old kawasaki whipper snipper (weed whacker for you Americans) motor. I made this instructable to show you how to put it back on and prevent it from happening again.
All you need to do now is browse through these shapes, sizes and other details of wooden breakfast bar stools, all of which have their own charm. It is made of polyester with a green, yellow and blue stripes pattern and filled with durable anti-flat latex.
An orrery is a mechanical model of the movement and position of the planets in our solar system. When all the trays are lifted out, a secret hidden compartment is revealed to hide your valuables.
I thought it would be fun to explore different ways to make wooden chains using both hand carving tools as well as power tools. Rebuilding the hub on your own also saves the time and money that many people spend at bike stores, when they can do the maintenance themselves.
With this instructable, I will show you how to fix your bike's brakes with a multitool or a wrench. That's why I was really excited when I read about the B3 mini from rock the bike in Make 11. The PicturesI was motivated to build this gravity powered go-kart by the recent proliference of mini quad bikes and motorbikes in my immediate vicinity.

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