Build big outdoor storage bench seat cushions, toys, How to build an outdoor storage bench.
Garden seat plans metric, How to make a garden seat - free plans and instructions in metric dimensions.
How build window bench seat -tos diy, Utilize unused space window create diy bench additional seating.. A few simple pieces of scrap lumber, a well placed log, or a bag of cement, some sand, gravel and an old plank all can function as a garden bench. Natural benches made from scrap or left over materials are good for the environment, naturally.
A log in the garden sure looks more natural than a stainless steel or brushed aluminum bench that grills your butt every time you try to relax and enjoy the garden.
A very simple garden bench can be constructed with a piece of driftwood, old plank, or squared log and a couple of concrete blocks. One of my favorite types of benches involve an old timber, plank, or squared log, and some rock and mortar.
Two rock pillars can support a log or wooden plank to make a simple and cheap garden bench. Line up your plank over the two pillars you've created, and mark where the cups match the plank. On small jobs a mix on 1 portland cement to 3 coarse sand can be hand mixed in a wheelbarrow. If you want the rock wall (pillar) to look good wash the excess concrete off a few minutes after the cement firms. I like nails and screws into treated wood for the interlink between rock base and wooden bench.

Cut the risers at parallelogram angles so the bottom of the feet kinda fit on the ground and the top kinda fit against the top of the bench. Get someone to help you put the ends on or stuff the lose end into a fence or something so you can attach one side. Low -tech benches look a whole lot better than high - tech ones in most gardens, and are generally more comfortable. Make sure the base of each tower is into the ground a little bit by digging a shovel sized hole and filling it with mortar.
If you are using a log, the nails go into it and you cement it in place instead of the interlink. The only real requirements are that the boards do not have pitch, tar or other sticky material and the wood is not too badly cracked. Before you start cutting the legs increasingly short, switch around the legs to see if you can even things up. Build a quick one -foot- wide rock wall up about 14-16 inches(30-40 cm.)on each of your 'mortar' holes. Drive a few (3-5) large nails, or better yet, large screws, into the wood where the cups are. The trick is to make the bench level, while not making it the height of a two year old or a giant.
I usually will drive a few nails into the bottom sides of posts to dramatically increase the surface area.
The top can be pieced together one- by -four planks(as shown), one by eight, ten,or twelve or two by eight or ten planks. I've made a few twelve inch high benches trying to level the bench and then claimed I made them for the children, heh!

Make sure to nail or screw once into each riser and at least three times into the cross tie. If the plank is four inches thick make the pillar 14 inches tall, if the plank is two inches thick make the pillar 16 inches tall.
Fill the cups with mortar and roll the plank on top of them, so the nails nest into the wet mortar flush with the tops of your rock work. You'll have between one minute and fifteen minutes (depending on temperature and humidity) to set the nails into the mortar. Although it doesn't have to be perfect, it is helpful if the cross member nests in the notch so the top is flush and square. I suppose two 4X4's could support a span up to ten feet if you use larger lumber, but the bench looks best when it is between four feet and eight feet in length with no more than a foot or so of overhang. Once posts are tamped into the ground with side nails in place good luck moving them around!
Mortar can be used to fill the top of the rock to make the bench level; that is, you can use more than a cup of mortar if you need to. Once you have the bench top setting in wet mortar, do a five -second final check with a level(lengthwise and widthwise) and then do not bother the bench for a couple of days. Once you get it leveled, tamp the posts in very solid(great kid job), and finish nailing the boards on.

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