Router table top is a kind of stationary which has a cutter and can be rotated around 3000 until 24.000 rpm. Most of this stationary has a function to cut the wood into the good one and has a smooth surface. You should consider about the fence, the cutter, and how the dust is throw away in this stuff.
Expand your table saw’s versatility by adding this industrial grade router table in place of the extension wing. Included ProFence quickly dismounts and hangs on provided j-hooks while you use your tablesaw.
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Built from solid cast iron, this top rivals shapers in its ability to dampen vibration, resulting in the smoothest possible cuts. Recommended for use with the Rockler Steel Router Cabinet with Dust Bucket (41427, sold separately) or the Rockler Router Table Steel Stand (48426, sold separately). Dual-Track (with Universal T-track AND standard miter slot) is machined directly into the table's surface - true one-piece construction.

12-point plate-leveling and locking system maintains a perfectly flush surface and prevents the plate (sold separately) from shifting during a cut. CNC router tableCNC router tableCharacteristic 1.high accuracy ball bearing guide screw of taiwan,minimize the slit. Met het kastje net de hoogte van de frees, dan past het geheel mooi in mijn opslagrek en is hij ook nog eens redelijk mobiel.
Wel ben ik van plan om hem iets duurzamer te maken, geen MDF fence maar edelplaat of nylon of zo. Hoogte verstelling kan gelukkig met de Triton door de tafel dus daar hoef ik geen mechanisme voor te maken.
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Mixing components between brands may require additional hardware to ensure they work together appropriately.
Qua hoogte wil ik inderdaad hetzelfde gaan doen, en ook bij mij moet alles weer onder de werkbank passen. Get segments interesting article about Cut The Wood With Router Table Top that may help you.

Het bouwen van doosjes wordt met een freestafel en de juiste freesjes een stuk makkelijker. Its dual fence slot configuration lets you rotate the fence and work from either side of the table to maximize surface area. And with a host of premium features, impeccable construction and one-piece construction, the ProMax delivers professional router table performance that will last for generations.
Plus, with a third miter slot at its disposal, your table saw becomes perfectly equipped to handle crosscut sleds.
Mounting ProMAX to the far right will avoid the protruding motors, however, ProMAX must be supported with two steel rails that also support your T-square style rip fence and legs.

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