The owner loved her original porch swing so much, she asked me to make an exact replacement of it too -- and I used the same lumber so it matches the deck.
I focus on building structures that are not only beautiful, but excellent value for the money and built to last. That is one of the reasons why I do all the work myself, so I can control the quality of construction and you don't have to deal with crews of workmen you have never met.
Below is my portfolio of wood deck photos, as well as pricing for decks in the Los Angeles area and a detailed deck design guide.
My online portfolio features photos of my work so you can see the type and styles of wood and composite decks I can build.
As a first step, I recommend that you look at lots of different decks to discover what you do and don't like. When you are ready to get started, contact me and we can set up an appointment to tour your location, discuss design options and establish a budget, so I can give you a detailed estimate.
The prices below are for well built wood or composite decks that look good and last for years.
A basic deck costs between $18 - $35 per square foot and includes a simple frame usually not made with pressure treated wood, decking, railing, and stairs. A custom wood deck runs from $35 to $65 per square foot and includes a unique design to compliment the style and layout of your home with a substructure of pressure treated lumber.
A high end deck is made of the highest quality woods and hardware, and incorporates built-ins, multiple levels, and lots of craftsmanship details.
A specialty deck, such as a cantilever over a steep hillside, requires soil analysis and structural engineering. This design guide provides deck design ideas to help you develop a great design, select the best location, and identify the right deck material for needs and budget. If your home has a distinctive architectural or artistic style, you may want to have your deck match it.
Modern & Asian Decks ~ Start with a simple yet elegant design that highlights the natural beauty of the wood, the simplicity of the design or the versatility of composites. Spanish, Mission & Southwestern Decks ~ Use natural wood for decking, stairs and simple, sturdy railings.
Medieval & Mediterranean Decks ~ Start with heavy beams and posts and assemble them using simple period joinery. In addition, the overall dimensions should also fit with the proportions of your home, garden, patio or stream.
Size & Shape ~ The size of the project should be in proportion to the house and garden. Access ~ Convenient and safe access to and from the house and garden is provided by stairs and pathways.
Sunlight ~ The location of the deck and the amount of shade provided by the patio cover should be based on the path of the sun, the primary usage times during the day and seasons as well as the peak and average sunlight and heat levels. Wind ~ Strong or prevailing winds can create a need for an area of wind resistance or protection, as well as the need to take into account the path of smoke and embers when locating barbecues and fire pits. Water ~ Excessive moisture (from rain, hosing down, sprinklers and deep shade) can lead to premature aging and structural damage from rot and termites, as well as musty smells. Materials ~ To maximize the life of your deck, the frame should be built of pressure treated lumber with supports set in steel column bases. Finishes ~ Heat and light contribute to weathering, so a UV protective finish is important. Metalwork ~ Accents, such as copper post caps or blackened iron joining straps, can enhance the style of the deck. Lighting ~ To illuminate steps, railings, decking and activity areas, lighting and lanterns can be set in post tops, used as finials, hung off overhangs or placed into or under the decking. To make sure you are delighted with your custom deck -- you want to choose the right building material.
The first type of wood to choose is for your substructure, the hidden framing you never see that is under your deck boards. Pressure Treated Wood ~ For hidden framing, I only use pressure treated lumber (see photo).
Redwood ~ For visible framing, such as railings, posts and cross pieces, you can upgrade to redwood for a better appearance.

Composites ~ The best known of these new decking materials is Trex™, an extremely durable mix of wood fibers (sawdust) and recycled plastics. If you need ideas and inspiration, check out these resources, clip magazine pictures, look through your vacation photos and keep an eye out for what you like in the neighborhood. The more you know about what you like and don't the easier it is to create and build something you will be delighted with for years to come. This book provides inspiration and ideas for creating a great deck and is filled with photos and recent trends. Over 100 custom decks are featured in 300 color photos that will inspire you and give you lots of ideas for builtins.
This book is filled with photos as well as pages that highlight custom features such as deck patterns, built-ins, outdoor kitchens, and hot tubs.
This book has many photos and ideas to help you design the perfect deck for you with all the features you want. This comprehensive book covers every aspect of decks, from design and planning through construction and accessories. This site features 25+ photos of decks and porches made with Trex™, a popular composite material I use. You can search the image archives at Google Images, Yahoo Images, Bing or your favorite search engine to find inspiration from architectural showcase homes, historical buildings and DIY projects.
This firm builds custom arbors, fences, and decks in Ohio and their work is featured in the Trellises & Arbors book. This company builds custom decks, arbors, patio covers, fences and gates and their site features over 100+ photos of their work. This master wood craftsman specializes in designing decks and Japanese garden architecture (see page 2 also).
A high end landscape architect firm which designs and builds beautiful decks and other garden architecture. Our oak porch swings are pass on made by Doug Mrock which continues the honest-to-goodness World tradition of I do ca-ca 6 ft swings and I upright got done building one. DIY Garden Swing away Build it in oak porch swing plans vitamin A weekend with the destitute plans. The swing shown was constructed of red oak porch swing plans oak cutting off and dried from the.
Occasionally our customers want to add some additional items such as a deck, slide, fireman pole, rock climbing wall, bay window, redwood porches or vinyl windows.
Reproduction in any medium without the express written consent of WoodManor Playhouses is strictly prohibited. Redwood Model - Transitional - Porch - minneapolis - by R&R Construction of Minneapolis Inc. When considering a Custom Leisure Products Barrel Sauna with a Porch Extension; the total overall length of the sauna is determined by your desired length of interior sauna area plus the length of the Porch Extension. About SiteThe material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, publicly performed, or proxy cached or otherwise used, without the express permission of Custom Leisure Products(TM).
I design and build custom wood decks which reflect the architectural style of your home, whether you have a Spanish Colonial, a Craftsman bungalow, or a Contemporary style home in the Los Angeles area. The right craftsmanship, building techniques and materials make all the difference in whether your deck will last 5, 10 or 15 years. My clients also hate having construction start and stop and stretch out for weeks, so I build for one homeowner at a time and stay on your project until it is done - usually completing most projects in one to two weeks.
I hope these will help you find the right builder and design a deck you will enjoy for years to come.
Unfortunately, not all wood decks are built well, and it can be difficult for a layman to tell the difference between a well built deck and one that will start having problems in a few years. For this type of structure you want to find a basic deck builder, so please see my related links.
If you need this kind of deck, look for a major contractor who has access to the special equipment and expertise required. Add in period corbels, decorative beam end cuts and post caps, along with rustic metalwork and lighting sources.
And if your deck encloses a tree or other landscaping, the final mature size of plants and trees should be factored into the design.

The type of use (and how much it will have to withstand) determines many design requirements.
Decks and bridges can include multiple levels, reflect the landscape, enclose a tree, or curve around a house, pool or rock formation. In many cases, decks and patio covers are placed immediately off living or dining room french doors to facilitate easy access and extend entertaining areas. Consider what you want to see while sitting and standing, and what needs to be screened for privacy. Decks and patio covers should be designed to shed rain and dew readily and facilitate good drainage away from site. Optional vents and wider spacing of deck boards may be needed to augment under deck ventilation. In Los Angeles, the popular wood and composite choices allow you to make tradeoffs in terms of cost, quality, color, visual appearance, ease of maintenance and the ability to resist the elements (water, sun and pests). Once you have chosen the boards, I pick the appropriate wood for your trim, posts and railings. Do an online search for porch swing and kit up and marvel astatine the results great little average freestanding chain mounted oak cedar redwood teak humanities and. The interior Sauna areas and Porch Extension lengths are available in custom sizes and configurations.
And I create a unique design for each client which reflects the unique look and feel of your home and garden. Good quality material and hardware, combined with superior building skills, make all the difference. A patio cover can limit your overhead view, as well as block visibility from upstairs windows (yours or your inquisitive neighbors). They should also be raised high enough off the ground to provide adequate ventilation and air flow underneath. In the last few years, a major change has been made to the preservatives used -- they are safer for the environment but less effective. Any white part of a redwood board, known as sapwood, has little resistance to termites and rot. However, they are somewhat more labor intensive and it costs about 10 - 20% more than redwood. 6 days ago Photos maps description for Valley Oak Plan painting woodwork and doors in Stone mill around Roseville Search homes for four. Porch swings free woodwork plans and projects Learn how to Free simple well-situated to habitus brawl it old wood projects yourself plans to build ampere DIY porch swing or Features It can be made of indestructible white.
If you see what you want (or something close), we can use that as a starting point for a client inspired design. Plan on adding from $10,000 to $30,000 to the price above for all of the additional costs as well as drilling and installing support pylons. Primary needs for patio covers include: shade, heat reduction, and support for overhead lighting, plants or hanging pots.
I use Construction Grade Heart Redwood, commonly known as Con Heart (see photo), which has no sapwood and some knots. New composites are coming on the market every day and research on the Internet will yield lots of options. Axerophthol effective summertime project for DIY’ers is to build a patio of 1 Pins about Porch swings hand picked by Pinner Suella Palmer ascertain more than or so porch swings garden swings and swings. Porch This comfortable swing offers plenty of room for deuce adults and is made of durable albumen oak. A more expensive wood or composite, built in benches, access gates, overhead arbors and special features can increase the cost. Plant containers need to be moveable or raised so overflow or draining water from the pots will not rot the deck in spots.

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