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To become a Sign Bracket Store email subscriber, just enter the information below and click submit. Peruse our great selection of redwood planters for sale, look at the galleries to see how they can be used in any commercial space, and then give our representatives a call to discuss your project. Redwood is a fabulous material for planter boxes because not only is it stunning, but it is naturally resistant to rot and mold.
Because each planter is hand crafted, each piece is unique and has a creative, artisan feel. Our redwood planters come in a variety of sizes, making it easy to find the perfect planter for your space. Space the 10-foot lengths and screw to the frame so the edges overhang ? inch on all sides.
Derived from a responsible harvest, these outdoor wooden planters draw on all the strength and beauty of redwood trees found in California and Oregon. These planters are unlike elevated planter pots you will find anywhere else and work well in a variety of spaces.
We use the highest quality redwood in our planters, ensuring they will look their best no matter the outdoor elements they face.
These slated redwood planters work well in spaces with styles ranging from rustic to traditional.
These quality constructed all redwood planters may be used to plant directly into or can be used as a cache pot to hold seasonal flowers or plants.
On heavy paper or scrap cardboard, draw and cut out a circle that is 2 inches less in diameter. The Mendocino Rectangular Redwood Planter has a name inspired by Northern California and one of the celebrated natural habitats of redwood trees, Mendocino County. On top of their organic appeal, large redwood planter boxes are also a practical outdoor container because of the material's natural resistance to decay and rotting from moisture. Each piece is individually built to give it a handmade feel that will shine with your choice of flowers and plants.
Each planter is lined with an integrated tar lining to protect the wood from plants and roots, helping it to last much longer. The raw wood grain finish gives the planters an earthy feel, but the clean lines make it modern, allowing for the planter to shine anywhere.
Use an extra-large square planter as the centerpiece in an outdoor courtyard or patio or use longer rectangular planters as space dividers or to line a walkway.

The Planter Bench combines two of the 18″ planters with a connecting bench and creates a  nice garden seat. As wooden garden planters named after a region where forests tower eminently and vineyards abound, it's not hard to see why so many love this redwood planter design for their commercial container gardening.The natural appeal of wood planter boxes lends itself well to commercial design and landscaping. Outdoor wooden planters in the Eureka style feature framed vertical slats of warm redwood on each container face with a molded top trim to frame the opening.
The planters are all hand crafted and designed to be as easy to care for as possible, including an elevated design to make it simple to plant and water your pots. Plant bamboo or textured grass to enhance the modern details or add decorative trees for a more classic feel. If you don't see exactly what you are looking for in our catalogue, call our representatives to place a custom order that will work perfectly in your space.
As eco-friendly materials make a commanding push onto many client wish lists, the demand for attractive wooden garden planters with a durable temperament only continues to increase.
With many commercial designers and architects focused on incorporating natural materials, redwood planter boxes are finding a well-deserved relevance in contemporary design projects.
The wood is resilient in nature with low susceptibility to moisture damage, and the charming grain of redwood is unsurpassed in terms of visual appeal. This collection of outdoor wooden planters is made using natural materials produced from a responsible harvest and large redwood planters have all the benefits of the Sequoia tree in nature – resilience, beauty and enchantment.
The commanding, yet warm presence of these containers is impossible to ignore and this makes them a continued favorite for commercial use.The Eureka Large Redwood Planters are designed to showcase the natural grain of the wood in the form of a durable commercial container.
As wood planter boxes derived from materials that originate on the Northern California and Oregon coastlines, these wooden garden planters embody all the whimsical mystique of native Redwood territories.Taken from a responsible harvest, materials used for these wood planter boxes also have a natural aptitude for durability in exterior applications. Vertically stretched rectangular slats provide that these redwood planter boxes can show off the depth of color in the material, and framing on each face of the container further enhances this effect.
A redwood planter is born of one of the most resilient species in any forest across the globe. Outdoor wooden planters are given a molded trim at the container opening for a nicely presented finish. On a piece of heavy paper or scrap cardboard, draw and cut out a circle that is 2 inches less in diameter.With a helper, place pots under appropriate section of the bench top, as you carefully lower top onto pots.
This fact makes these wooden planter boxes of low susceptibility to rot, decay or cracking in outdoor applications where weather and moisture come into play.
Their refined design in addition to the naturally durable nature of redwood makes the Eureka ideal for exterior commercial applications. Center the cutout circle over each pot and trace its outline.Cut out each circle using the saber saw.

In fact, if following environmental cues the natural habitat of a redwood planter would be in an area with high levels of rainfall.
On a restaurant patio, an event venue terrace or lining the pool deck at a hotel, large redwood planters are inherently lovely and only increase in appeal when filled with vibrant plants and flowers.Outdoor wooden planters are making a comeback in contemporary commercial design as the demand for natural, eco-friendly materials continues to rise. For customers desiring wood planter boxes with superior longevity this is a definite plus.Like the Northern California county it borrows its name from, the Mendocino Redwood Planter has an undeniable allure. For commercial designers and landscape architects who are focused on incorporating materials found in nature, little compares to the redwood in terms of presence.
From the naturally warm grain of the wood to the structured and framed vertical slats, this large redwood planter is wonderful to behold. Redwood planter boxes have the benefit of construction from one of the planet's most resilient species, with related live Sequoia trees often living for hundreds of years. Each of these wooden garden planters is tough enough for exterior commercial applications, but can also work for residential landscaping. Harvested, the wood has minimal susceptibility to rot or decay even in high moisture applications. Additionally, refined finishes like the molded base and top rim make this an option for interior projects where a larger planting container is needed.Wood planter boxes can sometimes carry with them concerns about maintenance issues when exposed to outdoor elements. In fact, the native environment of redwood trees is in areas with large amounts of rainfall.Outdoor wooden planters from Planters Unlimited are just one in an extensive line of options that also include options made from wood alternative materials. In nature, redwood is one of the most resilient species there is with some trees on record as living hundreds of years.
Although nothing can compare to the liveliness of natural redwood planters, some of our clients prefer composite planters that mimic the appearance of painted wood material. While we can't say these wooden garden planters will be here a hundred years from now, we do stress the durable nature of large planters made from redwood. They were born to be outside and make an organically beautiful home for your plants, flowers, small shrubs and vines. From brilliant floral colors to fresh greenery, it all looks stunning against a backdrop of charming redwood.

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