Our stylish tapered planters are overbuilt in naturally decay resistant redwood so they will continue to look beautiful for years to come. Available in different size to hold whatever your garden requires - herbs, flowers, shrubs or trees. In More Options you may also select a special stain or sealant, or add feet to your planter or a special stand.
Planters are available in any size or style. Learn more about custom planter sizing or contact us if you want a style that you don't see. If you’d like to elevate your box more than 1”, we can add a stand for you for a small additional charge. Make your gardening experience "bend over free!"  Planter Stands are great way to get the height you need without the expense of a taller planter. A beautiful strong trellis is a great way to expand your gardening experience and add privacy. Growing Veggies? Over the years, some customers have expressed concern about the possibility of getting wood sealant into the soil where they plan to grow food.
Redwood is so decay resistant that our planters do not need liners of any kind. Our planters are built with extra-thick high quality Redwood and fastened with stainless steel bolts and deck screws. Unfinished:If you are applying your own stain or want the surface color to fade to a "weathered look" in a few months.
Wax Finish - Recommended for Indoors:If your furniture is for indoors, we recommend the Wax finish. Care: Your Forever Redwood Furniture will last for decades in year-round weather without maintenance. Depending on the wood grade you choose, even with harsh year-round outdoor conditions, you can expect your furniture to last from ten to forty years without maintenance of any kind.
To keep your furniture beautiful, we use only stainless steel hardware and the highest quality stains and sealants. We use only the Sikkens brand of sealants. Our primary customer has always been the homeowner that appreciates spending a bit more for quality that will last decades. We are favored by many landscape architects and contractors because they can count on exceptional quality and quick personal service to complete projects. Yes, you can have free shipping plus save 5% off your order! We carefully hand build each Forever Redwood item.
Assembly Service Available in California: Just add a note in the comment box at checkout that you'd like "Hand-Delivery & Assembly". These handsome planter boxes are especially suited to garden designs that require planters in multiple shapes and sizes, tied together with a single construction theme. Interiors have redwood spacers and galvanized half-inch wire cloth to create an air space for longer life.

Interlocked Corners Planter Box Side View Interlocked Corners Planter Box Side View Interlocked Corners Planter Box -- Lots of Them! Made out of solid redwood, this attractive wheelbarrow would be a great addition to your garden or patio. A popular option that is offered at no additional cost is to add a 1” H foot to the 4 corners of the box. All our large Planters have the option to add a 6-Inch, 12-Inch, 18-Inch, or 24-Inch Stand during checkout. The trellis frames attach securely to the planter wall with stainless steel carriage bolts in 4 places. We offer hanging cleats for planters up to 144"L x 12"H x 12"W the cleats are made with the same wood grade as your planter. This sealant leaves your furniture looking natural and helps keep the beautiful wood surface colors from fading for several years. The color tones shown are close representations of the color your furniture will look like. The Tapered Heavy Duty Planters require only a ratchet wrench and a small hammer to tap in the bolts.
The surface absorbs UV rays, pollution, constant variations in moisture and temperature and it also oxidizes. We are committed to quickly resolving any issues that might occur.  For more information please see our Warranty page.
Additional wood structural pieces are added inside and under the box as needed (depending on size) to significantly overbuild each box so it will never sag or bow. NOTE: To maintain stability for a free standing box, it is best to keep your total box and stand height at or below double the box width.
Just select the next closest size from the drop-down menu in the shopping cart, and let us know in the comment box below your exact requirements.
The trellis frame is 2" x 2" thick and the squares are made approximately 12" on center to allow plants plenty of room to grow.
Any planter can be ordered without interior sealant treatment.  Just write us a note as you're checking out in the comment box and we will not use our oil-based sealant inside the box. They ship in less than 10 parts and take less than 20 minutes to re-assemble and begin enjoying them.
This is why most wood just doesnt hold up and the surface color slowly changes towards a silver patina over the years.
We encourage our customers to compare photos of our items side by side with any competing product. Old-fashioned hand building also allows us to adjust the size or design of any item to fit your needs.

You can exceed double the width stably if you can support and attach the box and stand to a wall or other structure. When ordering casters, your box will be built with the "no stands or feet" option like in the photo above left.
If you choose to add casters to your planter, you can also choose to add this trim for a small extra charge at checkout. For example, if you want a 10-inch stand, select "12-inch" and write in "I would like a 10-inch stand" below. Although the trellis extends to just above ground level, trellis height is measured beginning from the top lip of the planter up.
We ship the female cleats looseand include stainless steel screwsso that you can attach them into your wall before hanging the planter. You can add soil directly into the planter box-no pots, interior liners or sealants are necessary. If you choose the Wait & Save Shipping option and prefer we ship out a specific date (up to 6 months in advance), just enter the date in the Comment Box at Checkout.
All planters are finely sanded and sealed (unless you choose to have them be shipped un-finished). We'll attach two, three or more cleat pairs depending on the planter size, but your cost for the cleats is the same: $15 total per planter. The planter box will not decay for many years without an interior sealant despite the constant moisture because of the high quality wood we insist on using for all our products. For all international shipments, the shipping companies handle any customs paperwork and then contact you to arrange delivery. This is ideal for areas where you may want to be able to hose underneath the box to keep debris from accumulating. For example, to keep the center of gravity as low as possible, to accommodate a total height of 36 inches, it is best to make the stand no taller than 18 inches and achieve the rest of the height with the box itself. As always, if you don't see the size or trellis spacing you'd like, just call or email us and we'll custom size a trellis to fit your needs. If you already have a plante, we also offer the trellises as separate kits.
For example, we keep our display items as is without refinishing to show off this natural aging (we like the patina!).

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