I would like to express my gratitude to Mr Ken Hawley for his kind permission to use these photos from his collection. Here you can see the different profile of the side wall of the body also with a different profile to the side of the frog.
Here you can see the different profile to the frog with it's normal adjustments but with the addition of a flange side wall.
The lever cap is a more streamline version than the normal lever cap with the lever closing into a recess in the cap when closed. On the left is the casting at the back of the Prototype 05A? and on the right is the prototype with no number.
The depth stop and fence arm thumb screws were changed to a round screw with a knurled edge in the late 1950's. The Record Mitre Boxes were previously manufactured by Edward Preston.There were six types of Mitre Box, No. Early packaging for replacement Record double and single cutter irons for bench planes and block planes. Pallet truck based on our best selling BF range, with the solid construction, ergonomic handle and robust pump. We have sold thousands of these over the years, the solid construction, maintenance free rollers, ergonmic handle design and the robust pump make this pallet truck a best buy. The photos are from Mr leslie Harrison's collection (UK) and from The Lynch collection of Record tools.

04 Smoothing Plane from about the 1950's with a completely different type of adjusting mechanism for the cutting iron. The transfer on the horn of the handle is the standard transfer used by Record at that time. It only has Record cast into the nose of the plane and there is no tapping to receive a side handle. These planes were redesignated numbered Technical Jack Plane T5 for it's March 1939 introduction to the market. 12, 1933, saw the pistol grip off-set at 180 degrees to the gear wheel with a shorter more robust body casting and the handle at A?" longer than the first type. 11, 1932, with a short type handle and the off-set pistol grip at 90 degrees to the gear wheel. The body made of malleable iron casting fitted with hardened steel bushes on which the cutters revolve.
On these examples a small chequered panel design replaced the groove provided for the depth stop. Includes hook for hanging.WARNING: Having one of these unique clocks on your wall may result in jealousy from your friends who have less awesome time-keeping devices! As there is no cutter or cap iron with this plane and looking at the cutter iron adjustment I don't think that a normal cutter iron, cap iron and lever cap would fit. It is possible Record used up any spare frog pattern #3 they had on hand to get the order out on time.

Introduced 1934 and listed as 'Temporaitly out of Production' in 1943 and did not re-appear after 1943. In 1943 there were only 3 braces listed in the price list but all carpenters braces were listed as 'Out of Production' in September 1944. The base casting is the same as the other smother above but with a more complicated frog arrangement.
The knob made from bakelite, the Handle is hollow hardwood and will take full-lenght jobbers twist drills.
15, 1938, listed as 'Temporarily out of Production' in 1943 and did not re-appear after 1943. It was listed as 'Temporaitly out of Production' around 1943 due to wartime restrictions and did not re-appear after hostilities had ceased in 1945. 0101 was listed as 'Temporarily out of Production' in 1943 and did not re-appear after that.
Most Record hand drills, breast drills, and carpenters braces had a very short production life of about 3 to 5 years but for the Hand Drill No.

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