Electric professional Wood stick making machine, View Wood stick making machine, JX Product Details from Zhengzhou Hongshi Machinery Co., Ltd. 3.The wooden crates lids are will secure by nailing and the crates are will strap with metal bands. Apply a waterproof sealant to your fence using a brush or roller to protect the wood from moisture.  Make sure to wear safety goggles when working with waterproofing sealant or stain.
If you feel that the surface of the fence should be smoother or you want to remove surface imperfections, you can scrap or sand the wood. After making sure that the fence is free of any sawdust, test the stain color on an inconspicuous area of the fence to see if you like the color. After verifying that the spot on the fence you tested is a color you like, apply the stain according to the stain manufacturer’s instructions.

After the fence is the color and finish that you want, the next step is to seal the wood with a coat of sealant.  Be sure the stain is dry before you apply the coat of sealant. While staining your fence probably isn’t how you envision yourself enjoying your time at home, having an attractive fence that will only enhance your home’s curb appeal will make the time spent on the project worth the effort. If the dimensions of the machine is only a few centimeters.Frist, we will hit the machine to be packed in cartons,and then put into the wooden crates. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.
The following tips and recommendations will provide you with an overview of what’s involved in staining your wood fence. Remember that you may have to apply two or more coats to get the color and coverage you want.

From the owner to all the team members they were courteous, punctual, hard working and conscientious. You will want to cover any areas around the fence that you don’t want to accidentally drip with stain.

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