It was a few years ago that Bosch gave us a first look at their future plans of getting into wireless inductive charging. If you own a cordless power tool than you are very familiar with taking the battery off the tool when it dies and plugging it into the wall charger.
Bosch Power Tools has introduced a new technology that becomes an industry first and changes the way you charge your power tool battery. The Bosch Power Ready Wireless Charger creates an electromagnetic field that tops of or maxes out your batteries charge. The reason that Bosch refers to this new wireless technology as a system is because they come out with accessories that allow you to customize the way you use your wireless charger. Mobile holster mounts to any shelf or sidewall vertically or horizontally for quick and convenient access.
We carry kits that include the new wireless charger as well as the individual wireless accessories.
We will be writing up the individual review shortly as we are very excited about this Makita kit.  Below is an overview of the kit and each review will go into more detail, plus how we tested each tool.
Below we list a little more detail about each tool and as we said before, we are going to test each tool and will include write ups under our power tool section for every part of this kit. Like all other Makita tools in this kit, this one is very ergonomic, and fits like a glove with even pressure and easy control. The D35 high torque motor delivers maximum power for cutting 2x material at 45 degrees with 50 degrees maximum capacity.
One nice feature with this saw is the built-in dust blower, as it helps to keep the line of cut clean. The makita grinder has a 10,000 RPM motor that produces 50% faster grinding, just what you need if you are the grinding type!

I constantly spent my half an hour to read this weblog’s articles or reviews every day along with a cup of coffee.
The first we saw of it was a video demonstrating the technology at CES 2010, and later they gave another preview at one of their press events. Some of you may already be familiar with wireless charging because what Bosch is using is similar to what Palm used to wirelessly charge some of their phones and tablets. This technology allows you to keep your battery on your Bosch tool while it charges on the jobsite. Bosch designed this system to minimize the time wasted on jobsite from having to recharge a dead battery. It has the capacity to securely charge up to 4 power tools at once without compromising on security. Even though it is light to handle, it has a heavy-gauged machine base for smooth and accurate cutting.
Though it has taken some time, Bosch inductive wireless charging will finally be available later this month.
Once it’s been mounted, you simply slide the wireless charger into it and plug into a wall. Inductive charging uses an electromagnetic field to transfer energy between two objects, usually a charger and a device.
It has a built in electric control circuit with LED warning lights for overload protection. Coils on both the charger and the device combine to form an electrical transformer which allows the energy to transfer from one to the other.
It uses a LXT Lithium-ion battery.  This has a nice base, so the light can stand on its own.

Inductive charging is referred to as wireless charging because no actual wires are connecting the two coils together, but I doubt you will get any range of more than a few centimeters out of what Bosch is releasing. In my experience with Palm’s wireless charging system I was able to hover my tablet maybe ?-inch away from the charge and not lose power. The great thing about inductive charging is that it doesn’t take much to convert something to make it wireless compatible. In the case of Bosch, all that is needed is a new battery that has the coil built-in and a new charger. BUY - Amazon WCBAT612 - Built off the same technology that is currently available in Bosch batteries, with CoolPack technology and high-efficiency cells, the new WCBAT612 features the wireless charging coil, and a charge-level indicator. WC18C - The Wireless Charger will charge the WCBAT612 to 80 percent capacity in about 30 minutes and 100 percent in 50 minutes. WC18F - A Frame designed to mount the charger to workbenches, shelves, side walls or other work surfaces. It also serves as a flexible and secure holder for the battery or tool and battery (on horizontal surface).
This seems like to most ideal way to store and charge a tool where it can be easily accessed and used throughout the day.
Users can customize how they mount the holster to best fit their work style - vertically or horizontally, on a stationary workbench or in a truck or van.

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