Useful information will be obtained from brief online e-books written by HOME ARCHITECTS ®, as well as other beneficial forms & services to help analyze your project needs.
Coordination of Engineering & Other Disciplines For Construction Site Visits and Issues .
Punchlist Walk-Throughs and Reports: Multiple Progress, Substantial Completion, Final Completion .
Next, they will insert small dynamite charges timed microseconds apart to minimize the seismic disturbance.
Adjacent houses had a pre-blast survey with cameras to document existing conditions inside and outside. A plastic septic tank costs a little more than a concrete tank, but is easier to move and position on site, particularly steep sites, where a heavy septic tank truck would have difficulty maneuvering.
In mountain environments, it is not uncommon for boulder walls to fall, because their substrate and manner of installation was not properly designed. Is used between boulder coursing to act like large brick ties, helping to stabilize the boulder wall and the earth behind it. In mountain environments, it is important to probe the geology of the site to determine if bedrock exists near the surface.
During construction administration, the Architect can create detailed schedules if you desire, working with the Contractor and Subcontractors to stack construction activities, assisting the coordination of the project. Here we are using prefabricated economical gang-nailed scissors roof trusses, which are typically installed in just one day. HOME ARCHITECTS ® in association with consulting engineers, has developed a unique and surprisingly economical method of reinforcing tall gable window walls with timber posts that knit those 24 foot-plus tall wall framing members together to resist the 120+ mph winds that mountain homes can experience. This firm  is the featured author of an article in Keller-Williams Spring 2005 Issue of On The Mountain.
Our clients want houses that are as maintenance-free as possible.  At the top of this list is usually Roofing.
Our log houses, timber frame designs, castles and other residential designs feature significant insulation values to lower your operating costs. The beautiful slate tile roof above is actually a value-engineered slate composition roof tile from EcoStar that is a fraction of the cost of real slate, and comes with a 50-year warrantee. They also trim-out the systems with state of the art flat screen TVs, multiple CD players, DVD players and other systems to satisfy your every need and dream. We enjoy participating during construction administration to see that you receive the quality of design conceived in our documents and maximum cost-savings for the best appearance and function. Are you going to make a $500,000 to $1 million+ decision without understanding your project?
He has meticulous specifications and CAD details, depicting how to accurately and properly build his architectural designs…--- Terry E. This sort of combination of professional skill and pleasant demeanor is difficult to find in one person, but that is the case with Mr. We really appreciate the lovely stained glass gift that Merry made and are so TOTALLY enthralled with our final, or almost, final plans.
Do you have your land or other property and are eager to have your Architect walk it with you? Custom Timber frame homes, barn homes, post and beam additions, and energy efficient design. Timber frame custom house plans or pre-designed drawing packages including floor plans, elevations and details. View custom-designed timber frame home plans and photos from Timberpeg, the Artisans of Post and Beam. We can customize any of our post and beam home floor plans to build a unique, energy efficient home that is a reflection of who you are.
Welcome to Yankee Post and Beam ® – Your Resource for Designing and Building a Barn Home, Classic Barn or Stylish Carriage House. Kiln-dried Douglas fir Select Structural or #1 timbers, polyiso insulation, Zip® sheathing, Advantech® flooring and more. A Yankee Barn home is an energy-efficient structure built with sustainably produced materials. Our in house designers will customize your Yankee Barn Home specific to your wants and needs.
During the Design Process you will advance through several stages: initial contact, design meeting, preliminary, schematic, and progress plans. Please visit our Floor Plan Library for samples of Post and Beam Homes, Barns and Carriage Houses.

Building a timber frame home can be one of the most exciting life events you’ll experience. Current Featured ProjectSands Point HomeSands Point is a stunning shingle style hybrid design located in East Hampton.
If you would like more information about Yankee Barn Home options call and talk to one of our design consultants at 800-258-9786 or fill out this short online form.
Yankee Barn Homes will be exhibiting at the New Hampshire State Home Show in Manchester, NH on March 18-20.
Construction -Designed as a hybrid log and timber home with square log walls, timber posts and custom timber trusses the Crested Butte has a sophisticated look and feel.
Exterior features -A mix of materials, scissor timber trusses, and rooflines make up the Crested Butte’s front elevation. Many custom homes, like the one shown, have been built using the Crested Butte as inspiration. PrecisionCraft’s newest design concept, The Buffalo Creek, combines authentic handcrafted log walls and heavy timber frame truss work to create a Western look and feel. Designed for a stepped lot, the home flows with the natural slope of the land and places its main entrance and view capturing windows on the same side. The plan’s expanded master suite, located on the second floor, takes advantage of the view with personal access to a covered deck, with fireplace. This traditional log home design has the aesthetics of a rustic cabin with a modern layout. The master suite, separated from the main living area, includes a spacious bath, walk-in-closet, and personal access to the back deck. Browsing through PrecisionCraft’s floor plan concepts, couples will find a wide variety of style ideas; from Adirondack to French Country, handcrafted to timber frame, and sprawling log home to cozy cabin. The Telluride concept was designed as part of PrecisionCraft’s line of Rustic Luxury™ Log Cabins. Comprised of milled walls, large handcrafted posts, and stone, the Telluride’s western style exterior creates a rugged cabin look that is perfect for a mountain retreat.
To learn more about the Telluride and other cabin style plans, visit our Rustic Luxury™ Log Cabins page.
The Log Home Floor Plan Blog is proudly powered by WordPressEntries (RSS) and Comments (RSS). During blasting, the surrounding residences are monitored with seismographs, to document the actual seismic shock at the nearest exterior wall to the blasting. As always, consult with your attorney for guidance in contractual matters for serious operations.  As home architects, we want you to be prepared for whatever situations develop. This granite face is about 10’ to 14’ high and was sheared off by several hundred pounds of dynamite, delivered in 4 separate blasts, with each charge several milliseconds apart to control the seismic disturbance. A concrete tank is frowned upon by health departments too, as they feel that the concrete is porous and therefore seeps into the soil, also there are joints between concrete pieces through which fluid can leak. Structural engineering consultants have informed us that the method indicated here (on a Home Architects ® project) is one of the best methods of securing this extremely heavy loading condition. It takes a seasoned mountain architect to know how to handle this, working in association with structural engineers.
If so, we may recommend pinning the foundations to the rock with epoxy-coated re-bars, to resist the tendency of the soil above from developing a shear plane during heavy rains.  Also, quite often on mountain slopes, distances and slopes exceed the accessibility of concrete truck chutes and must be pumped, as the workers are doing on one of our projects to the left.
This is one of our large mountain estate houses now under construction in Lake Toxaway, NC.
Afterward, we often come back inside after the structure is dried-in and add large softwood timbers decoratively, to give the real look and feel of post and beam timber and log construction, for pennies on the dollar. The result is a wonderful exposed timber post detail that has a nice mountain lodge appearance that adds warmth to the space and value to the house. Contractor used 23-ton crane to place the rear log posts and made short work of this mountain man-sized job.
In this particular house, we used stick and truss framing with thick fiberglass roof insulation to result in the most economical insulation and structural solution.
Here, coppersmiths measure and cut copper gutters and downspouts on one of our log and timber frame projects.
Contact the HOME ARCHITECTS ® for log house, timber and other designs that result in solutions like this!  This company knows quality, greeness and value. With this particular craftsman, a 3rd-generation stone mason, we guided the aesthetic placement of a combination of cultured stone and a new product, native stone which has been cut thin, which resulted in a magnificent Appalachian Lodge-Style fireplace that looks better than most native-stone heavy fireplaces for a fraction of the cost, weight, time and foundations. I just had to share with you …I am sitting here looking at the Front Elevation and it is AWESOME … Great job.

You can get on the fast track here when you register for your free download of Five Things You Should Know About Post & Beam Homes. The show is a unique opportunity for you to gather information for your dream home project. Let’s take a look at the features that make the Crested Butte such a popular floor plan.
The turret staircase adds additional architectural interest to this showstopping mountain design. To explore the plan in more depth, including additional photos of finished homes, visit the PrecisionCraft website. A two-story glass prow creates a vaulted great room that flows into the dining room and kitchen. Much like the different styles and plans, our clients also come to us from various backgrounds, each desiring unique floor plans for their lifestyle.
The designs within this line were created to showcase how homeowners could still achieve the creative mountain-style look they were searching for, but at a more intimate square footage. At a little over 1,500 square feet, the floor plan has two full master suites within a more intimate layout without the feeling of crowding. The boulders quarried from this were used to build a large boulder wall and will also be used by stone masons on the main elevation of the house, saving the owners hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Gravel is placed around the tank to allow rainwater to filter through it without hydrostatic pressure from the surrounding clay earth, removing the possibility of the tank popping up from saturated soil.
Here you can see a backhoe laying down a scoop of earth onto the main horizontal and intermediate vertical geotextile fabric. Over 24 miles of reinforcing bars were used in this foundation.  Being experienced residential architects prepares us for situations like this. In the photo to the left, workmen install a clad wood double-hung window in one of Rand Soellner Architect’s projects.
We are adding large timber members under the ceiling level to give the post and beam and log house feeling for cents on the dollar. The first Topsider Home was produced in an old warehouse and built on a mountainside near Boone, North Carolina in 1968.
Be sure to charge your tablet or mobile phone and download the latest issues of Rustic Architecture or Elegant Wood Homes before you go. Today we look at the Telluride, and how it was modified to fit a client’s specific project goals. When complete, the basement will hold an additional bedroom suite as well as extra communal living space for visiting guests. The drain lines for this system required the Architect to negotiate two separate easements across 3 different pieces of property.
The fabric is extremely strong, invented for this purpose and has a tensile strength more than 6 times that of normal geotextile fabrics. One aspect of this means we can provide Construction Administration activities like coordinating and managing the certification-warrantee inspection above by the roofer and roofing system provider to provide you with not only peace of mind, but a significant resale feature with a transferable half-a-century warrantee on your roofing! You'll be comfortable knowing it is our Client-Centered Approach, taking care of you every step of the way.
Topsider's easy-to-assemble timber frame home kits are ideal for rustic, traditional and contemporary post and beam home designs.
It contains the vertical clayey earth fill and keeps it from seeping through the rear of the boulders and the horizontal fabric acts like massive “brick ties” to secure the boulders and keep them from moving.
During Construction Administration visits, this is the sort of process for which we look on your behalf. Where else can you find that?  Just one of the benefits of using an experienced residential architect. Your analysis may be managed through visibility from surrounding roads & existing navigable trails.
If you look closely, you can see that the boulders are leaning slightly back to the earth side, to resist overturning, also you can see the overall racking-back of the exterior face of the boulder wall.  It takes a lot of coordination and supervision to do this correctly. This is just one of the reasons why you should have your architect perform Construction Administration services.
We created a special mix of black, midnight gray and earth green to approximate real weathered slate roofs.  Your architect should be able to help you obtain certifications like this.

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