GrenadaBarefoot writes: I don't really have any plans for the router table but I can collect the dimensions and lay it out. Lower shelf under the saw is a great place for tape, speed square and to set down any mearsurement medium, be it a piece of paper or a wood scrap. An old tape measure is inlayed in the top and is set to be fairly accurate for rough length cutting but not for fine finish work. This table is about the 4th generation of an original design, as it has been redesigned with each new saw and from what was learned through use.
Recently, during the boredom of a northern winter, I restored a 70 year old Craftsman Drill Press. The idea behind this instructable is to safely store micrometers and access them from a single box.
The 1 inch press spindle below the hydraulic jack wobbles all over the place when you're trying to press on something. This Instructable will show how to carve a continuous two-sided sculptural surface out of a solid block of material, without creating any waste material. Buy A Hammer I bought a plane setting hammer for one euro.It is in pretty good shape and will only need minor improvements. I was looking for my feather board when I realised that it was put in the scrap-bin and taken it down to the recycling centre.I have made a new one and this time I've painted it bright red so hopefully it wan't get dumped. My 2007 black and decker battery's are dead now, and already bought a new hilti set, so time to try out some things.I have done some research on the internet about lithium ion and seen a lot other conversions here on instructables.
The Black and Decker matrix system is the same thing as the Craftsman Bolt On system - you can swap out the head unit for a drill, a sanding tool, a sawzall, a chop saw - all sorts of stuff. Are you tired of having a dinky safe soldering gun that only puts out a measly 250 watts of power? This project is an outline of how to build a resistance spot welder using salvaged parts from an old microwave. This idea came to me when I was putting trim on and refinishing my mom's staircase and was caulking the corners.I only used half a tube and didn't want to waste the rest.
I needed to turn some plastic parts that were all the same (within reason) I didn't want to spend the money having them CNC turned and I didn't need that kind of accuracy anyway. If you have rusty tools it is pain to use them and they just look unprofessional follow the steps and you will have a shiny and beautiful tool. When you invest in a new lathe, they often come with a few basic chisels to get you started. This hot-wire cutting jig is meant to cut long and even blocks of different but precise size. The basics of building a hot wire cutter (be it for foam, plastic, ice, or otherwise) are fairly simple. This instructable is a general overview and comparison of different restoration techniques.
Springs are nice to have in the shop for your projects but how many should you carry and what size or type should you have.Buying springs can add up and sometimes it is difficult to find the exact one you need. Hello everyone, want to find out how to rid rust on your tools for cheap, easily and safely?This is a inexpensive, safe and interesting science experiment you should try on your tools to rid of rust Instead of using acid, Grinding or heavy wire brushing and loosing any steel.
I spend too much time in my workshop on my knees looking for a small piece I have sawn in my vise, and it fell to the floor, into debris around my vise, or into a partially open drawer under my bench. This Instructable will take you through the steps of making and applying a true shellac finish from flakes (not the stuff in the spray can or jar that you'll find at the hardware store, although the same steps may apply). I have wanted a pair of wooden sunglasses for a while now but haven't been able to justify the fairly exorbitant price tag associated with them.

This awesome looking live edge coffee table is made using a slab of wood and some flat bar steel which I bent into shape, so no welding involved.
I've been fascinated by Gregg Fleishman's CNC chairs for years: such a clever idea, to carve from a single sheet of plywood a fully functional chair, with effective cushioning and back support, not to mention tremendous style. A Portable Workshop for those of you that don't have much space or a compact cabinet you can carry all your stuff to work in other locations.VideoI wanted it to keep it as small as possible for those of you that don't have much space or your car and tools share the same place. This is a super quick instructable for fixing, or preventing your charging cables from getting broken (when you are hard on them like I am).Silicone Tape is AwesomeSilicone tape is the new Duct Tape. This is my first instructable, I'm kind of baffled that I haven't joined this community until now but I'd love to show you all the process of my work and become a part of this community.
The idea of this Instructable is define a few steps, so you can make your own CNC furniture. Since I mostly had plywood lying around, I'd thought I'd try and see what a plywood inlay would look like. The purpose of this instructable is to create an in-expensive stool that serves two purposes.
Introduction: A punctured bike tire completely ruins a bike, for it makes it unusable.
Due to the fact that kids are growing and they need their own space and our home has limited area for further expansion, we've decided to devide the living room in order to create space for an extra bedroom, and study -playing space for our kid. My wife and I found a discarded, damaged vintage sewing stand on a neighborhood street curb and thought it would be good for something, but what?
Stay organized with a custom acrylic holder.Using the basic parts of this file, you can customize this holder to contain objects of any size you want. In this instructable I am showing you how to Fix the most common problem with all cruse controls. Product TipAs this is a 110v industrial tool you will have to order a transformer (special price when hired with another tool) and a 110v extension lead if required. Nationwide Services Group Ltd, Nationwide House, 2 Frankton Way, Gosport, Hampshire, PO12 1FRCompany registration number 04325035 and VAT number 754 995 668Copyright © 2016 Simple Tool Hire. Stanley clamping miter box-20-112 – home depot, The clamping miter box holds material securely with clam pins allowing for accurate cuts. Most often it's sharpening, but I also use it for drilling, holding bench hooks and shooting boards and occassionally as a chop-saw station. Sign me up for free emails from Fine Homebuilding with the latest news, tips, and techniques. I used wire wheels on various drill motors, bench grinders and angle grinders with decent results, but it was a tedious process.
In the photo above, the surface was created using a block of foam identical to the one shown!
Im using it to weld nickel tabs onto 18650 battery cells but depending on how you position the arms it can be used to weld sheet metal and other metals objects. When you try to measure something that is too high, the measuring tape will start to bend backwards.
Earlier that day I was at the thrift store and found a beefy hot glue gun for a couple bucks. The holes needed to be perpendicular to the axis, and spaced evenly at 120º increment. The goal here is to show how to build a precision power controller so that you can heat up just about any hot wire cutter to the exact temperature you need it.
I was about to throw it out when I realized I'd used that tool for decades and the blade and shaft were still just fine, and it would be more in keeping with my making philosophy to spend an hour or two to craft a new handle.

He asked for a couple boxes to sit on the guest sign in table, one to hold a bottle of wine and the other would hold notes from friends and family attending the wedding. This can totally ruin a kids day because he has no way of going from place to place without a bike. All the pieces were used in making this bench including the head board, foot board, side rails and mattress slats. Iam 14 and i would be really happy to receive any kind of advice from more experienced people. What you'll need: hot glue and hot glue gunpopsicle stickswood cutters a ruler or measuring tape Base of the Box Once your gun is heated up, place ten popsicle sticks side by side on a table. Hopefully this instructable will be inspiring and informative to any weekend worrier who's eager for the next fix! By using a piece of plywood for the back you vastly simplify the construction.I designed my toy to have two parallel tracks for the marbles to follow.
With copying and pasting in the file, it is easy to extend, remix, and combine more components. The legs are removeable for transporting and attach similar to a saw-horse style barricade. These Instructables will show you how to make circles, cut dowels, make box joints, and more!
Im going to show you how to do this with a 18v black and decker blower, a bucket, a hose, and a couple of other thing you can find at home. Admittedly, there are plenty of ways to accomplish this, but I wanted a tool that was adjustable, adaptable, and accurate.
Not all steps are in detail, but information can be found elsewhere on the web for exact instructions on different techniques. Rare-earth magnets embedded in the bottom of the jig provide downward force while feeding in and cutting the circle. Here is my first instructable on how I make these wood caddy, beer carriers, for the Boston Round size bottles. This would be hard to create without a CNC (almost impossible), and still hard to create even if you're using a 3-axis CNC mill (because, part flips and workholding).
You see, my brother just moved up my way to do his post-doc and is looking for some furniture. I recently had a chance to help my Dad at the shop where the company he works for takes care of all their 18 wheelers.
There is a permanent vice on the right end (sorry, I didn't get a good picture of that) and provision for a portable vice on the other. I use a roller on a stand for longer boards, keeping the workstation table short enough to fit in my shop when not on a job site. I also purchased no materials specifically for the construction of this table; everything are scraps and leftovers from jobs.
This table has served me well for years not only as a mitre saw table but as a complete workstation for doing interior trim on the job site.

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