The term red does not literally mean RED because under certain substrate, background, and lighting will a fish look red.
With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. We have very strict import laws down here to protect our native fuana and flora, which means most South American genus are totally banned, while some species from certain genus are allowed, but others aren't. Becuase many of the cichlids are illegal to import, they are very expensive as there are very limited numbers of some species.
However many of the dwarf SA cichlids are legal to import, it's just that in the past not many importers have have focused on them.

And your Aquarium is made add the fish or make it a terrarium !!Please Vote me For "Age of Aquariums" Contest! I was also told that the black triangle doesn't go as far back toward the caudal peduncle, but am not quite sure on this. It is always necessary to provide at least 2l tank for betta and here we have 2.5l tank which is enough for betta. I've found that by feeding freeze dried cyclop-eeze to fry really does help them enhance their colors as they grow and mature but you will have to continue feeding it all the time. I've also heard that many people actually use paprika for color enhancing because cyclop-eeze is too expensive.

My advice on getting your fish to show more color is dedicate a tank to him and his ladies and see him mature.

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