Engineered wood products like hardwood plywood continue to gain strength in the marketplace. We buy our plywood with the same strict quality standards we use for our solid wood lumber so you can expect that even our B and C grade faces will be beautiful.
Okoume and Douglas Fir plywood are rated as marine grade and are sold to the nautical industry for a variety of applications, including, among other, fiberglass forms, cabinetry, and utility uses on board fishing vessels.
We carry a full spectrum of marine grade plywood, which includes a full spectrum of qualities, from utility species to top-of-the-line Bruynzeel BS 1088 Okoume Gaboon plywood.
Although veneer core is more traditional, MDF (medium density fiberboard) core plywood is quickly gaining popularity because of its superior flatness, stability, and great holding power with screws and nails. Two Type of Marine Grade Plywood to Solve Many ProblemsOur customers build some truly beautiful things. While plywood is a versatile, strong, and durable material, it is not without disadvantages. Plywood is created by stacking alternating layers of thinly sliced wood and securing them with an adhesive. A number of plywood products have been introduced to replace standard lumber, such as laminated studs. Far Eastern plywood products are generally made from tropical hardwood and are manufactured in Malaysia or Indonesia. Chinese Hardwood Faced Panels offer a good quality face veneer and the poplar core makes the plywood lighter than similar panels con­structed of other hardwoods. Coniferous plywood, from temporary hoardings to top quality flooring and concrete formwork, there is a panel suitable for the purpose.
About 90% of pine plywood are exported to EU , USA, Canada ; about 10% are exported to Africa, Middle East and other countries .

But a few small knot holes are allowed in C+ grade pine and some more knot holes are allowed in C grade pine . I am looking for 9mm Pine faced Chinese plywood and 18mm red faced Chinese plywood for packing ply for the manufacture of crates.
ENGLISH TRANSLATION: 10 high-quality textures with details , I recommend the purchase to use in the architecture ! Their stability, ease of use, and in some cases, weather resistance make them ideal for cabinetry, doors, and all manner of marine applications. Gibson McIlvain is also an exclusive North American distributor of Bruynzeel Marine Grade Plywood (view spec sheet) which is a top of the line, BS1088 panel perfect for boat building.
The real advantage to our customers is that we supply both solid wood and plywood so when placing an order for one or the other we can easily add sheets of plywood to the truck already scheduled to deliver to your job site.
Plywood is subject to a variety of problems, both from its unsuitability for certain purposes and from environmental hazards. Plywood comes in a variety of thicknesses, but the only means of changing the thickness to suit a particular need is by gluing sheets together. Because of the method used to construct plywood, it is stronger than most types of equally sized and shaped lumber. Nicholls branches stock top quality plywood from well known manufacturers based in this region. Obviously the cheaper grades of panel are unsuitable for demanding applications and a top quality panel would generally be too expensive to use for general purpose work.
Unfortunately, this construction method also makes plywood easily damaged by exposure to water. We can also offer “hard­wood throughout” panels from China for applications re­quiring a stronger product.

We carry also decorative Teak and Holly marine panels and can lay up custom marine panels based on our Bruynzeel platforms using a face veneer of your choice. Even when used within the manufacturer’s specifications, plywood can and will fail eventually. The thin layers of wood readily absorb water and, through capillary action, draw the water deep into the wood. Closer inspection usually reveals that the plywood had begun to fail long before, and only became evident when the failure was so pronounced that there was no alternative but to remove and replace the entire sheet. We are also able to supply to special order, cut-to-size, pre-painted and flame retardant panels.
All of our plywood is available in multiple grades and saw faces like plain sliced, rotary cut, quartersawn, or sequence matched and numbered. Plywood can be custom-ordered in the same size and shape as other lumber if desired, but the expense is prohibitive. Marine-grade plywood is designed for boat sub-floors and other areas where moisture is frequently encountered, but the expense of such plywood precludes its use for other purposes. This compromise the integrity of both the wood and the adhesive used to hold the layers together.
Plywood used in flooring also suffers from weathering, such as that caused by dampness under the house or flooding severe enough to soak the plywood.
1,50 x 0,90 meters (4,9 x 2,95 feet) and can be used individually or in combination with Crossmap.

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