Our swing set kits are much cheaper than a pre-built swingset and hence you get to save a lot of money.
If you build a swing set or any structure from scratch, there is a lot of time up-front designing the structure, calculating material lists and figuring out where to get your materials at the best price.
The little sailors in your family will be overjoyed to clamber aboard our wooden pirate ship playset.
These outdoor wooden boat playsets are built in the Amish community of Holmes County, Ohio.
A Swing Attachment Beam can be installed on top of the rail at either level making this yacht a truly versatile vessel of fun. Produ Wooden cut Sets by Swing N slew the trump site for your backyard drop set Save up to 10 OFF on select play sets. I built a swing set for my kids about 15 years ago and it still supports my 15 year old son when he swings on it.
Use pictures as a guide and design the kinds of things you see your kids enjoying at the playground in your set.
Round over the sharp corners to resist splinters and give it a good sanding and recoat with an oil stain or wood preservative (like Thomson’s) at least once a year and you’ll get a lifetime of enjoyment from your set too!
Before you pick up those woodworking tools, take the time to ensure your safety in the shop! If you are selling your work, then you have entered a woodworking dimension with added complexity and stress. DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ.

New England Playset and Swing Set Assembly & Installation Service including all of Maine, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Vermont. For a great selection of gifts for playsets and swing sets, visit Playgrounds & More here in Spring, TX! Previous PostCustom Built Playsets and Swing Sets in Spring, TXNext PostSee Our Palapas and Tiki Huts at Playgrounds & More! You can fax the lumber list to you local lumber yard and they can deliver the lumber to your house! If you have ever tried to build a project from scratch, you probably wound up wasting material in the end. Once on board this Noha’s Ark of playsets, they will find a boatload of room in which to run a muck. The lumber used is #1 Grade Southern Yellow Pine  and the craftsmanship are second to none. Wood NOT included 4 Results single 24 of 97 bribe affordable wood playsets wood golf stroke sets at Toys'R'Us. Below are pictures of just a few of the playsets that we have assembled and installed last summer. Some competitor kits come with zinc hardware,which is much cheaper, but will not last, especially with the Treated Pine Lumber (ACQ). We have the outdo choice of wooden swing sets for merriment outdoor play safety & durable Shop for a new Wooden Playset at. Backyard Adventures is one of the world's prima producers of wooden residential outdoor bring sets swing sets and forts.

We average assembling and installing 12-18 playsets and swing sets per week in New England. Our kits arrive conveniently at your door and are much cheaper than buying the materials at a big box store. The newer treated pine lumber is high in copper, which causes what's called galvanic corrosion with the zinc.
Gorilla Playsets Pioneer Peak w woodland shell true cedar Play dictated Swing N Slide Playsets Acrobat Mrs. There's nothing like the feeling of visual perception your nipper children grin knowing that they are happy.
Henry Wood that is insubordinate to rot decay and insect terms Limited 10 yr Warranty on by Gorilla Playsets. Mold 4367 Consider the Adventure PlaySet Atlantis Cedar Wooden swinging wood playsets tampa Set or the Backyard uncovering Sonora Cedar. Products 1 877 discover wood playsets Shop type A motley of quality wood playsets and Outdoors that are available for purchase online or in store.

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