PDF versionAdditional PhotosAbout This Project My husband's grandfather helped us build this bed in his shop. PDF versionAdditional PhotosAbout This Project After building my daughter's beds and some outdoor day beds, I finally got around to building a bed for my husband and I. Cut numerous pieces using a table saw or round saw to match within the frame as facilitates with the platform. Arrange as a whole lot of pieces of good lumber as required to include the best in the frame.
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I am thinking that if you wanted your mattress to breathe on this platform, you could drill a bunch of small holes in the platform to let some air circulate from underneath. I'm asking my husband to build it and I was wondering if you could email me the dimensions for the plans of a king size Chestwick Platform bed?

Construct the frame in the Platform Bed with good lumber when the height is much less than 11?
This was one of the most affordable and simple plans I came across to customize for my new chemical-free mattress.
I'm pretty sure he could figure them out on his own, but I'd love to make it easier for him :) Love your work! Pursue as a whole lot of variations as feasible for being particular the last option is nicely believed out. As an alternative, attach a piano hinge to a single borders in the plywood and also the frame using the screws offered using the piano hinge along with a variable pace drill and screw tip.
Specifically built for Ikea memory foam mattress (which doesn't honor their warranty if bed is kept on slatted wood platform bed). The platform’s height could be the most imperative choice to produce considering that it determines the all round height after you include the mattress.

If it is a whole lot more than 11?, inches, rip 4 pieces of plywood using a table saw or round saw to produce the 4 frame pieces. I really like the blog post Crab and Fish did on the brag for the Hailey Platform they built. The product employed to construct the Platform Bed does not must be good lumber; plywood performs just as well.

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