The Irish general election is set to produce a hung parliament following the poor performance in the poll of the existing coalition partners. This plan for a Welsh Kitchen Dresser adopts a "dog kennel" design with a central display compartment for exhibiting a bottle garden, large copper utensils or the dog! Antique English Oak Welsh Dresser This gorgeous antique oak Welsh dresser was hand-crafted in Great Britain around 1920. This dresser was originally constructed with mahogany, but can be made with any kind of hardwood.
It’s an interesting alternative to regular homes and, whether it’s a decision based on style, personal preferences and the wish to recreate an image from a movie, living in any of these homes must be unique.
You will be surprised to see how similar these homes are to those almost everyone has gotten used with.1. An underground eco home by Make Architects.View in galleryDesigned by Make Architects for British football star Gary Neville, this structure manages to combine beauty with functionality in a new and unique way. One of the main goals when designing the residence was to create something that would keep energy consumption to a minimum and that would be an eco-friendly version of a standard home.View in galleryView in galleryThe house was built with locally-sourced materials and using traditional building methods and a ground source heat pump provides heating while the photovoltaic panels and the on-site wind turbine generates renewable energy. The comparison is not random as the house also has a glowing floral impression on the landscape when lit at night.

It’s both interesting and beautiful to see how nature and artificial work combine in this project and result in a harmonious creation.2. Underground home with an elliptical shape and Alpine views.This house is also built into the hillside yet the design is completely different. This underground home is the result of the collaboration between Netherlands architects from SeARCH and Christian Muller Architects. Located in the Swiss village of Vals, the house is quite difficult to spot out as it’s part of a cluster of mountain houses. One of them, the main entrance, reveals large outdoor entertainment areas while the second one is from a nearby barn and leads you though an underground pathway. Also, it provides amazing mountain views and maintains a high level of privacy for its inhabitants. It’s an interesting option for a stone house and, even though it’s easy for it to go unnoticed, it’s also a surprising and stunning discovery for anyone who sees it.3. Woodlyn Park, home to the world’s first hobbit motel.View in galleryWhen you think of underground homes it’s impossible not to imagine the hobbit village.
That’s the definition of underground living these days and has been a great inspiration for lots of people.

The fans tried to replicate those little homes built into the hillside and some managed to create unique and remarkable structures. One of them is the world’s first hobbit motel, located in Woodlyn Park, on the North island of New Zeeland.This place started as the only motel with a U-drive jet course and it later became the first hobbit motel in the world. It was built using polystyrene blocks and this allows each room to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It’s an interesting and effective insulation method, considering the uniqueness of the project.
Located in this beautiful area of the Cycladic Islands, the house had to respond to the landscape that featured earth walls and farming areas. It has wall made of retained earth that regulate the temperature and a green roof that also provides insulation while also helping the house disappear into the scenery.

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