Hi guys I'm looking for a hand planer to shave some doors ,Which one do you think is best and why ? We stock a comprehensive range of cutterheads, profile knives, limitors and blanks together with other blocks.
Spiral planer cutterheadsSpiral planer heads in several sizes with the option of bearing followers. Chamfer blocksAdjustable chamber blocks with replaceable TC knives in various diameters and heights. Panel raise blocksReplaceable TC tip panel raising blocks with interchangeable profiles, both over and under cutting.
Glue jointing blocksReplaceable tip V jointers, tongue jointers and lock mitre glue joint blocks. Bob (right) and his friend, Dave Dick, get ready for some serious turkey call production with Bob’s Woodmaster 725 at his shop in central Pennsylvania. There are a lot of planers out there but when I called Woodmaster, they were real friendly and knowledgeable about woodworking.
Bob held a special Boy Scout event to help a dozen Scouts get their Woodworking Merit Badges. I have Woodmaster’s Double Router System, the Drum Sander attachment, the Spiral Cutterhead, and the Dust Collector. The 3-Side Molding System – once you get it set you can really make some nice oak stair treads with bullnose edges. Top PostsEVEN IN THE FACE OF ADVERSITY this father & son team built a successful woodworking business.17 commentsThis sawmill owner’s solution to today’s tough economy? By Trade Articles and reviews that are trade-specific or suited particularly for a specific trade. Fasteners Hardware and fasteners, including all types of screws, nails, hinges, springs, and other devices you may find in the hardware aisle of your local retailer or supplier.
Bosch 3365 offers a powerful 5 Amp Motor with 18000 RPM for fast stock removal and a smooth finish, electronically-counterbalanced single-blade system that automatically positions blade at ideal cutting angle which reduces drag and provides fast operation and smooth finish. When he's not remodeling part of his house or playing with the latest power tool, Clint enjoys life as a husband, father and avid reader. Electronically-Counterbalanced Single-Blade System automatically positions blade at ideal cutting angle - Reduces drag and provides fast operation and smooth finish.
Equipped with Bosch Woodrazor™ micrograin carbide blades, which resist fractures from nail and staple strikes.

Bevel Guide Fence Ensures consistent planing from 0 to 45 degrees through entire workpiece.
Just fits the hand nicely and the dust ejection can be switched from left to right side in a flash. Because of its versatility, when only one piece of large woodworking machinery is owned, it will often be a table saw. The use of this term probably arises from the name of a type of hand plane, the jointer plane, which is also used primarily for this purpose. Dust collection systems work on the same principle as central vacuum systems in homes: A fixed motor creates suction, which is distributed through the space via a network of rigid ducting and flexible hoses to the point of use.
The process starts with surface preparation, either by sanding by hand (typically using a sanding block or power sander), scraping, or planing. Sign me up for free emails from Fine Homebuilding with the latest news, tips, and techniques. We have lots of oak and other hardwoods here in central Pennsylvania, so I bought a sawmill and started sawing and selling rough cut boards to people who were making molding and furniture.
I just was thinking about it and said, ‘If people can make turkey calls, I know I can do it, too.’  I talked to one of Woodmaster’s tech guys and sent him drawings of pattern knives I’d need. If it keeps going like this, I may have to add another person and I’m getting close to that now. Easy to work with, timely, and every time I’ve called there I talk to a real person and get an answer. The saw consists of a circular saw blade, mounted on an arbor, that is driven by an electric motor (either directly, by belt, or by gears).
Imperfections or nail holes on the surface may be filled using wood putty or pores may be filled using wood filler.
Two days later I approved the tech’s drawing, and ten days after that I received the knives I needed to make turkey calls.
I take an eight-foot walnut, maple, cherry, or poplar board – whatever I want – and cut it to the width I want. Later this year I’ll probably get another one, maybe two more, because I want to have different setups on each one and set them up in-line. It’s pretty neat that people who’ve bought my turkey calls send me pictures of them and the turkeys they’ve gotten. I can send Woodmaster a 100-year old piece of molding and they’ll match it up and make custom molding knives so you can make it.

The blade protrudes through the surface of a table, which provides support for the material (usually wood) being cut. Bandsawing produces uniform cutting action as a result of an evenly distributed tooth load. Often, the wood's colour is changed by staining, bleaching, ammonia fuming and a number of other techniques. We’ll put a rough board in one end of the line and have turkey calls come out the other end. Once everything’s paid for we can get some luxury items but we’re pretty simple people and if we had anything extra we’d probably give it in the collection plate at church anyhow! In addition, is features edge guide fence that ensures consistent planing through entire workpiece and has a protective shield that covers the section of blade not in use, a lock-off release button which helps avoid accidental starts, a park rest stand which protects blade and workpiece, and double insulated tool. He hopes his efforts at PTR will provide builders and contractors with reliable and engaging tool reviews to help them make better tool purchasing decisions. Bandsaws are used for woodworking, metalworking, or for cutting a variety of other materials, and are particularly useful for cutting irregular or curved shapes, but can also be used to produce straight cuts. Then I take my Spiral Cutterhead out and put my Molding Head in — changeover takes about ten minutes.
The radius of a curve that can be cut on a particular saw is determined by the width of the band and its lateral flexibility. To avoid blotching, a barrier coat such as shellac or "wood conditioner" is applied before the stain. That’s a blessing because it keeps you going without having to worry where the next job’s coming from.
Then we glue the pieces together using little clamps and make maybe 20 turkey calls at a time. It’s great that a guy can run his own business and pump out hundreds of turkey calls from his garage.

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